Writing a scientific paper on GitHub for kids. "Children's Guide to Version Control"

My son turns seven years old. He is actively interested in code. I decided I wanted to write a little tutorial for him. I have published on this medium before. But I never wrote for children. Recommend programming books for young children. I will try to analyze these books (articles) to understand how best to create a child’s text.

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Here is a great article on this topic https://teachyourkidscode.com/learn-python-for-kids/
they generally review Python for kids, but they also have interesting thoughts on how to explain loops and variables to a child. Perhaps this will help you.

I think it’s important to pull up on the craft of writing generally. Read about different techniques and so on. Understand how they do it.

What can you advise from such reference books? or can you site resources?

You were really right! in order to deal with my task, I needed to understand this craft in more detail. I found some really cool examples of essays written by real professional authors. There are such examples here, you can take a look yourself https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/death-penalty/ and make sure that they are of high quality. So, I started reading them and generally immersed myself in studying and writing. And I realized that it was not realistic to do most of the work myself. You can create an idea, write a draft, but the text needs to be edited and corrected. And for this, you need to go to specialists. Of course, I could just skip everything through the bug fixes, but as a result, the work will not be of good quality.

It’s interesting, do you work for this company? or what is your benefit? :grimacing:

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