Why not open source but have github help out?

I just started using github classroom; and I love the promise; but the reality is buggy and very frustrating so far.
There is such a need for this as we all try to scale our CS classes.

Things I love:

  • The promise of being able to link githubid’s to class id’s; and potentially the lms simply by posting a link to the assignment
  • the ability put students into groups without having to manually create the groups in the github organization
  • the ability to give a template directory.

Things that are promising; but broken

  • the ability to give feedback on a persons repository using a pull request/issu that is automatically created
  • the ability to run tests to “autograde”
  • canvas roster sync

Gaps that exist that are maddening time sucks:

  • the ability to download autograded results to properly put in an lms.
  • roster management (or the lack thereof…seems like a one shot experience).
  • the performance. It looks like it does not so smart things when it calls the github api.

It occurs to me, it looks like this was open sourced and then moved closed source…why not keep it opensource but also keep some github devs working on it? Other projects in microsoft let outsiders submit PR’s (vscode for example) and people like google manage hybrid projects this way (angular). You could have so much brainpower contributing to what you are doing if you did this. it’s more overhead to manage; but hey; you guys are github and supposed to be the experts; and it would be a great thing for your team to “dogfood” as we used to call it when I worked at Microsoft.