Who Uses GitHub Pages? (Portfolios + peer learning)

Curious if teachers are using GitHub Pages for final projects? I just spoke to a teacher of Tangible Interfaces and wondered if anyone has a use case where students complete the project, present it on GitHub pages with a how-to tutorial to replicate the project?

I know @simart uses GitHub pages for his project-based courses (very cool assignment about fractals and recursion, project by student Mikaela Marciales)

AP Computer Science

Data Science / R Studio / Statistics

Student Examples

Going to cross post this with GitHub Pages thread, but wanted to add Dr. Marcos’s amazing student R projects in GitHub Pages as examples:


We use GitHub (and to a lesser extent, GitHub Pages) for students final projects. Here is the sample project students are supposed to replicate and evolve into their own product. More such sample projects are listed in se-edu/se-edu.


Another great “How to” with GitHub Pages:

Professor Sandeep Junnarkar at CUNY Journalism did a JQuery how-to on GitHub Pages for his Interactive Journalism course:


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I use gh-pages to build a facebook of all my students :slight_smile:

On the introduction course, I ask them to open a pull-request & add their name / picture


Hi there! We at ETSI Telecomunicacion Malaga in Spain use a combination of GitHub and Instructables for Portfolio based learning in a ‘Creative Electronics’ course.

The instructables host the howto and the github repos host the source code, BOMs, etc.

For instance, this would be one of the Github repos: https://github.com/JVPEnigneering/RetroDuino, and this would be the corresponding instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/RetroDuino/. Both link to each other.

For next year we would like to put all github repos under the same organisation so it’s easier to jump from one to the other, (In the same way that we collect all instructables in an instructable collection)

Cheers, Luis.

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Prof. Jouni Huotari at JAMK in Finland hosts his entire Game Development course on GitHub + GitHub Pages: http://jamk-it.github.io/

We use GitHub Pages exclusively for our web design assignments. The students host all of their weekly assignments, final projects & their portfolio websites on GitHub Pages.

I generally set up each repo with a gh-pages branch so when the students fork it it’s already live.

My whole curriculum used to be on GitHub Pages too, but I unfortunately had to move it off after the Jekyll update that added automatic code syntax highlighting and it completely ruined my tutorials. All of the curriculum is still committed to GitHub repos, just not hosted any more.

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I use github pages to share my open-source projects


Hi @mozzadrella, I’m going to try Pages and Github this year with my 9th and 10th grade computer science classes. I would like students to maintain a “Learning Blog” throughout the year to capture reflections as well as finished products. I’m hoping to get some advice about how best to depoly a template blog for this purpose.

Here is what I have so far. If you click on a link to a post, you can see that they aren’t linking correctly. My question is how to share the Jekyll site as a template project site, so that the blog posts link correctly and I can share as a classroom assignment.

The following page, blog.html, creates links to the posts in the _posts directory

layout: default
title: Blog
<h1>Latest Posts</h1>

  {% for post in site.posts %}
      <h2><a href="{{ post.url }}">{{ post.title }}</a></h2>
      <p>{{ post.excerpt }}</p>
  {% endfor %}

The problem is that if this is deployed as a project page, not as a user or organization page, then the post.url doesn’t append to the project directory root. So if my project url is username.github.io/my-learning-blog/ the page above links the posts to the root of the subdomain, like username.github.io/2018/09/10/my-first-post.html

However, when I try to change the link url by adding the project root like <a href="{{site.url}}{{post.url}}> it adds the project root twice. So now the link points to username.github.io/my-learning-blog/my-learning-blog/2018/09/10/my-first-post.html. If I hardcode the project directory to the beginning of the link url the same thing happens.

If I have students create their learning blog as a user page then it should work fine because there wouldn’t be a projector directory to worry about. However, this would preclude sharing through google classroom. Right?

I think my options are to have students create their blogs as their user page and share all other assignments through github classroom. Or, hopefully, someone could help me to create the links to the blog posts so that they can be used inside of a project page site, so that I can share the template repository like another assignment.