Which license to use for syllabi?

When creating a repo for syllabi, which non-software license is best suited for academic content and purposes? Maybe the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license? Please, advise with any recommendations.

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Personal preference, but I like to pop everything under a CC-BY license.

That way it’s clear others can use it (demystifying usage can be a drag, even for people well-versed in CC).

For my courses on p2pu.org, we used CC-BY-SA which was still pretty restrictive.

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I use the CC-BY-NC license, which for me personally seems to strike a reasonable balance. It doesn’t prevent people from using it for commercial purposes, it just requires that they obtain specific permission first.

If permission is denied, then commercial use is not granted?

Correct. Creative Commons has a good summary on their licenses and how (and why) they work.

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Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and info.

I’m also looking for a license to use for my educational repo.
After every class of mine I push all the code I wrote to GitHub so student can later revisit it. I don’t necessarily want to ask for attribution when people use my code I wrote in class, I want some permissive licence, but I don’t like having any license at all.
Any advice?

@vimtaai we use MIT for our code. :slight_smile:

I use MIT for most of my software projects. I was just wondering if there is a popular license targeted at educational material specifically. Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

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