Which license to use for syllabi?

(Justin Gagne) #1

When creating a repo for syllabi, which non-software license is best suited for academic content and purposes? Maybe the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license? Please, advise with any recommendations.

(Vanessa) #2

Personal preference, but I like to pop everything under a CC-BY license.

That way it’s clear others can use it (demystifying usage can be a drag, even for people well-versed in CC).

For my courses on p2pu.org, we used CC-BY-SA which was still pretty restrictive.

(Geoff Schmit) #3

I use the CC-BY-NC license, which for me personally seems to strike a reasonable balance. It doesn’t prevent people from using it for commercial purposes, it just requires that they obtain specific permission first.

(Justin Gagne) #4

If permission is denied, then commercial use is not granted?

(Geoff Schmit) #5

Correct. Creative Commons has a good summary on their licenses and how (and why) they work.

(Justin Gagne) #6

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and info.