Which educational conferences will GitHub Education be attending?

Curious to know as I schedule 2017 education conference attendance.

Thanks for asking! We keep a list of events that GiHub Education has committed to attending at https://education.github.com/events. While we can’t attend every event, we are growing our team and aspire to increase the number and geographic diversity of the events to which we do send GitHubbers.

That events page is the best way to stay up to date with where we will be. @robmuh If you have suggestions for other events we should attend, please do share them with us.

Do you know off hand if this generally includes ISTE (International Society for Tech in Education)? I know that Tech Facilitators generally list this as a preferred conference for the year when available.

One reason I ask is that I may submit a proposal for integrating GitHub in the classroom for the coming year.

If you guys happen to be at ISTE I think that would be a great place to either discuss a course or lesson store or any proposal.

@robmuh We just did a toe dip at ISTE in Denver this summer. @fossygirl attended to scope out the event and I think we may attend in 2017 in San Antonio.

That’s great to hear. Please let us know if we can help out in any way. We’d love to attend and support.

Decided against ISTE for 2017. I still feel like they would benefit from a presentation but we’ve decided to meet with partners in New York instead at that time, maybe next year.