Where should I start on Neural Networks/Machine Learning?

(Saulo Joab) #1

Hey, I’ve always been super interested in learning about Machine Learning, specially Artificial Neural Networks and related stuffs.

I’ve seen some material on the subject, but I still find it very hard to actually understand what’s going on with those NN’s and how to think about it in a code format. :thinking:

I’ve watched some videos/tutorials on YouTube but I’m still quite lost on where to start from, so my learning curve won’t be so huge. In fact, I even created a GitHub Repo so I would organize my studies (which is super empty).

So, how should I approach it? Where should I start? Any tips? Anything is welcome :smile:

(Gustavo Cevallos) #2

I would recomend you the PyTorch curse by Udacity https://www.udacity.com/course/deep-learning-pytorch--ud188 or if you something more quickly and easy fast ai curse https://course.fast.ai/

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(Saulo Joab) #3

Thank you very much! :smile:

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(Nathan Somers) #4

If you already have some programming and mathematical background, you could check out the University of Illinois’s CS 498 Applied Machine Learning. The textbook, assignment boiler code, and video lectures are all open online. Link to course webpage

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(Sören Gürtler) #5

There is also this course by Google:
ML Crash Course

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