Where do I report "Bugs" - e.g. of the autograding?

I have two issues with autograding, which currently look like bugs to me. Where do I report them?

The issues are:

  1. My autograding tests have fractional points (0.5). I created the autograding by directly adding an autograding.json to the directory .github/classroom (and have a corresponding workflow in .github/workflow). In said JSON I can specify “points” : 0.5 and reverting went well. This is the template repo!

It is possible to change the autograding of a running assignment via the GUI - this will commit to all repo. There are two issues:
a) The GUI does not show the JSON from the template, so you have to add all tests manually.
b) The GUI does not allow for fractional points. The points have to be integers. Otherwise the validation code will not press you the submit button. However, there is no error message.

  1. My second issue is that the overview page of the assignments shows people as “failed” with 0 points, while they solved the solution. The reason is that the overview page shows an old test. This appears to be a serious issue. Since it will lead to false grades.