Where are student repositories stored for access?

I’m trying to use github classroom for a stats course. I made a dummy account to test it and see where I got stuck. I can accept assignments, clone repositories, and push changes. Simple question though: How do my student see the repositories/assignments they created? Do they have to use the assignment link each time? I assumed the repositories would be in their in github account but don’t see them stored there.

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Hi @jsgosnell

They can get to their repos by visiting https://github.com/settings/repositories.

Never do this as at each click a brand new repo will get spawned.

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Thanks for the quick response!

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That’s not correct, when a personal repository already exists for the assignment in question it will simply display the url to the repository in question.


Ok, good to know that this behavior has changed :+1:t2:
In the past, there was the risk to duplicate repos.

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I’ve got a followup question to this – I have used classroom for quite some time and I thought that when a user/student accepts an assignment, the repo shows up both in the user’s list of repositories and as part of the organization. But my students right now are only seeing their repo show up in the org, not when they go to their account and list their own repositories. One difference in my setup this semester is that I’ve set the repos to be public all around. Just wondering if I simply had a mistaken impression from (many) past semesters using classroom, or if there has been a change in functionality, or whether this behavior is due to public repos. Thanks for any insight!

It’s been a while since I launched a classroom and what you have described @jsommers seems a bit weird indeed.

The list reported in https://github.com/settings/repositories contains also those repos of the orgs I’m a member of where I’m explicitly added up as a collaborator.

As the classroom mechanism adds students to the list of the repo collaborators even if they’re already org members - at least as far as I remember - everything should be okay. But you said this is not the case. I don’t think that the property of being public plays a role here.

At any rate, only some tests can shed a light on this.

I am getting the same problem with private repositories as well. The students have blank GitHub accounts and after accepting the first Classroom assignment, it still appears as a blank account (no activity and no repos in the left column of the home page). This was different last semester. All the repos created via Classroom appeared in their personal list right away.

The only way we can even find the Classroom repo is through the profile overview page which shows all the commits for the account (and then, only if they have made a commit on the new repo). Otherwise, we are back with the same problem as @jsgosnell mentioned → having to use the assignment link as the best and most effective way to access the repo online.

In my case, I believe this is also creating 403 errors on Coding Rooms workspaces using the VS Code editor. GitHub does not seem to acknowledge the repo in the student’s account, and the 3rd party app is also unable to locate them.

Oddly enough, some students were able to clone their repo to a local machine through VS Code, but some also got the 403 error even on the local machine.

These are all problems that appeared within the last 5 weeks : I distributed my final projects with GitHub Classroom last semester and there were no issues either online or with Coding Rooms.

I have added this problem to the github/feedback Discussion as well:

Hopefully we can get a solution and/or answer soon.