When to teach Git and GitHub


I am teaching a basic Python programming class for the physical science students. In the course, most of the students are full new to any programming and I have an impression that some of them have never used computers beyond Office suite.

So, I would like to ask the GitHub Education Community on your opinion: when I should introduce fundamentals of Git and GitHub?

I am afraid that doing it too early may confuse students too much. On the other side, GitHub Classroom is a convenient tool for collecting larger project, students do near the end of the semester.

What is you experience on this matter?


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Hi Maciej,

The very first lecture we run in our 9-week coding bootcamp program (called Le Wagon) is actually about git & GitHub. It’s a short version of this workshop that I run during meetups. We get our students to commit & push their very first day, after having set up their computer.

Can’t recommend it enough!


We have an intro programming course with weekly lecture and lab meetings. In that context we find it works well to start Github in the labs right at the beginning. It takes the lecture a few weeks to cover enough material for students to write anything nontrivial. Github can fill that space while the coding is ramping up. Using the git commandline tool also helps students understand how the filesystem works, which helps later on when we get to file I/O.


The link to the “workshop” that you use during meetups doesn’t seem to work for me. Would you mind sharing that again?

Oops, seems like a wrong copy/paste! I edited my post to add the proper link to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9fIBT2NBGY

Thanks for noticing @ericdrosado!

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I teach github the very first class in my first term c++ class. I have all different sorts of engineering students in the class.

I let them use the desktop in the first two terms and push them towards the command line the third term. (By the third term they are all software students.)

I’ve provided a pretty much step by step slide deck, and a review video. I ask them to create their own checklist on their first lab which is hello world with git.

You could always introduce this gem in your class: Git For Ages Four and Up