What's the project you are working on?

(Rakesh Ranjan) #1

How can I be a part of your project?

(Chisdeal Hd Twitch) #2

im working on learning BAsic PHP API system, while im doing good on it for first time. and im more like solo person doing API because more to do set all up.

(Saket Kumar) #4

I’m working on Zulip open source group chat application written in Python , django, mypy. :slight_smile:

(Peter Dave Hello) #5

I’m working on CDNJS - https://github.com/cdnjs/cdnjs/, you can get started from picking issue with BEGINNER label! There are instructions would help you get involved!

(De Xbeulah) #6

@saketkumar95, I am interested in this project, I use code using python. Can work together on something.

(De Xbeulah) #7

Can I be part of your project?

(Dipesh Pandey) #8

I am working on Job Resume Matching algorithms. It uses machine learning in a dataset of skills, experiences and education details.

(Yvanoberthol) #9

I will follow you if i have need to be help

(Dee24pk) #10

i have a project for startup. thats dev. in django, can you join our core team. for con.- dk24pk@gmail.com

(Wanedenis) #11

i am working in:

  1. Onetimes app. it is a Android app which will permit to buy or not, read, share and coment the digital press, BD, books, etc… all things which is PDF
  2. Quick Sender. it is a Android app which permit you to send instantly the custom SMS with a Excel file which content all the numbers and more informations.

(Souhardya Sardar) #12

Hi :smile:

I am currently working on 2 active Python based projects :

ZeroDoor ( Lightweight Backdoor Generator ) :- https://github.com/Souhardya/Zerodoor

Warchild ( Denial of service framework ) :- https://github.com/Souhardya/WarChild

Anyone wanna contribute you can send me a message here :slight_smile:

(Sambhav Jain) #13

Working on an Android App to streamline FIR and grievance lodging in India. Plus, making a bot in NodeJS for it.

(Thanh Utc) #14

I’m working on an Android project about time management, to-do list, and reminder. It’s my pet project.

(Sahil Khan) #15

Intrested to Contribute in your project your mail address??

(Souhardya Sardar) #16

Yeah sure will love to get contributors feel free to mail me anytime and do forgive me for the late reply :smile:


Warm Regards