What's needed to deploy GitHub effectively in the classroom

We struggle to use GitHub in the classroom due the way the client has to be installed per user.

I the typical classroom environment students are not allowed to install any software, its all pre-installed at the start of the academic year “for all users” and then used on the 3-40 floating lab machines, which no student may use twice during a term.

The GitHub client does now allow an install for all users, so the only way we can use it is to have the students install on their profile, but this is wiped when they log out. This means every lab session they need to install, which time does not allow. Pretty much all the GitHub clients, including the official one, have this issue.

What we need is a GitClient which allows a “all user install”, we can then image before term starts along with all the other S/W such as Unity and VSS allowing students to use this with their own credentials.

The solution cannot rely on any students having to do any installing as this is not allowed, or even if they can install it won’t stay installed.

Any ideas welcome.



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