What OS do programmers use? [Poll]

(Sambhav Jain) #42

I use a dual-boot system with Windows 10 and Ubuntu.

(Souhardya Sardar) #43

I use Linux mint as my only primary OS it quite suits me a lot :slight_smile: besides that I have Windows 7 on VM … ‘most’ of the Linux distros are quite lightweight and stable as compared to windows and also less vulnerable to malwares … can’t give my opinions on Mac because I haven’t used it yet XD

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(Omal Perera) #44

I use Mac OS, very user friendly & all of the dev tools are freely available. It has very powerful terminal which anything can be done & most linux commands are also usable. It is not getting stuck & lagging.

(Brian C Sparks) #45

Mac OS – because it is 2nd best at almost everything – which means it isn’t horrible in any category:

Windows: horrible command-line even with cygwin.
Linux: (1) The desktop is getting better, but is still no competition for Windows or MacOS. (2) Non-software-development software lags far behind Windows and Mac.

(Chris Berns) #46

MacOS. This is because of how difficult it is to test for mac on anything other than a mac. I am not an Apple fan boy or anything like that but when it comes to choices it is winning the battle. On my mac I can run a Windows and a Linux VM simultaneously. Using readily available software, I have a go anywhere, do anything machine. Well, minus VR at least.

The price is steep but you should invest in your tools when you are able to.

(Ryan Schuetzler) #47

I’m on Windows, and it seems I always will be. I have tried at least once a year to make the switch to Linux full time, but every time there’s something that brings me back. Usually it’s my colleague’s addiction to Office, but not always. In any case, I’m beginning to accept that Windows is likely the place I’m going to stay forever, so I’m trying to get comfortable with it. Thankfully most new developer tools are developed with cross-platform in mind.

(Ryan Schuetzler) #48

This may be what takes me to Macs eventually.

(Douglas Urner) #49

Mostly BSD Unix in the form of MacOS X, but also Linux and FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi machines, and at school we’re required to use Windows, but it is not too hard to make a Windows machine feel mostly like Unix :wink:

(Michael Schore) #50

OSX is one of the most repugnant OSes I have ever used. Just to move files around is a major pain. The anti-MS vibe is still alive. As to other Linux based environments, I want an OS to make my life easier not more difficult.

(topher mykolyk) #51

For decades, our program has run Linux everywhere. Teacher and student workstations, servers. For the last 10ish years it has been ubuntu, though we encourage students to explore other distros on their own. We like to emphasize OS-as-sand/toolbox mentality, and linux is much better suited to exposure of innards than Windows or MacOS.

(Muhammad Hussein Fattahizadeh) #52


  • Free and open and bright platform that build from communities no monopoly companies.
  • Always you will need to understand the computer rather than just use it. (for me it’s advantages)
  • Community dosnt block humanity but companies block other countries and stupid laws for any political reason
  • Open tools and platforms always the best choice, no matter what; you work in Microsoft or google or Facebook or small group of developers.
  • Desktop and server deployment are same :smiley: with lxc and containers

Dependecy always problem, supporting communities and free platforms will be a good chance to have a great tools for all of us without any limitation. think about it and then tell me about using somthing like Photoshop or MacOS and MSWindows.

You cannot modify, you cannot change the source could of the OS that run your hardwares, why ? Just simply they dosnt allow you to change it. And you love it why? You need to pay them ? I dont get it actually

(Michael Schore) #53

Not to start any “religious” wars here but you do realize that Microsoft, the company Linux devotees like to pick on for making a buck, is in to open source full throttle?

(S M Mahmudul Hasan) #54

Yeah, I need an option that says ‘Both Windows & Linux’ :smile:.

(Ann) #55

I’m using macOS for UX/UI and Frontend things and either Arch Linux or NixOS, depending on which computer I’m on, for everything else in terms of software and system engineering. I use i3wm as a window manager and vim is my main text editor.

(Umangshuklait) #56



(Nikodem Deja) #57

Linux because of simplicity and stability. I would use windows but powershell is weird and i also tried mac os as a hackintosh and it was cool.

(Luiz Machado) #58

I use Windows 10 at my company job and Mac in personals, I sometimes use Linux like Ubunto and CentOS to configure services and servers. I like them all.

(Dylan Green) #59

I’m more of a mixed-bag when it comes to this. I use Windows 10 for programming anything high-level and on the web. For low-level and OS programming I use Ubuntu Linux mostly