What OS do programmers use? [Poll]

(Solar Eclipz) #41

Currently I use Windows 10+, because that is what is on the computer given to me by my school. If I had a newer mac with working usb ports(they fired shortly after buying a used mac) and a better battery life with retina display I would be using that as my go to.

I still use my mac when I am at work or just want to get out of the house to do my programming homework. So really I am ok with either one. Especially now that Microsoft has added support for VStudio on Mac. :smiley:

(Sambhav Jain) #42

I use a dual-boot system with Windows 10 and Ubuntu.

(Souhardya Sardar) #43

I use Linux mint as my only primary OS it quite suits me a lot :slight_smile: besides that I have Windows 7 on VM … ‘most’ of the Linux distros are quite lightweight and stable as compared to windows and also less vulnerable to malwares … can’t give my opinions on Mac because I haven’t used it yet XD