What OS do programmers use? [Poll]

(Steven Copeland) #21

@dooven Yeah I have always wanted a linux!

(Peter Dave Hello) #22

Of course linux :smiley:

(Claudio Santoro) #23

Teacher here,

Mac is winning oh oh.

Actually I use Hackintosh, sooo… hehe.

But also uses Windows for Engineering softwares.

(XiaoYi) #24

Hi @StevenCopeland
I am a front-end developer. Work and play all use MacOS

(topher mykolyk) #25

linux! Because it’s open-source, and so much better supports our philosophy of OS-as-toolkit.

Also the CLI.

(cryptarch) #26

Linux. It is rock solid, educational, and empowering. Once you get used to it, trying to go back to Windows or Mac feels like putting cotton wool around your brain and shackles on your feet.

(Brian Emilius) #27

I am on Windows 10, but I would be on Linux entirely, if I could use the Adobe programs.

(Brian Emilius) #28

@hexnor, yes, but this is CS6, which is getting rather outdated. Creative Cloud offers a lot more and imho just better programs.

(David) #29

Hi All,

I like MacOS and it has great support for a lot of the tools I use, like Tower, Kaleidoscope, Atom etc. I also do a lot of work on the command line for Git and working on AWS servers so its nice to have a terminal I can use.

Also the school where I work is an Apple Distinguished School so we are all in with Apple there.

(Gianfelix Goenawan) #30

Can anybody explain why programmers tend to use Mac OS rather than Windows OS? :confused:

(Steven Copeland) #31

Because they are not very smart. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No I am just joking.

maybe Because(i am guessing 'cause I don’t use mac) it is more user friendly(supposedly)?

(Steven Copeland) #32

maybe that why(see link).

(Gianfelix Goenawan) #33

Ah… I didn’t see that post. Thank you for pointing that out! :thumbsup:

(Steven Copeland) #34

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

(Cole Erickson) #35

Linux. Archlinux, specifically. I like it because I can configure it to somewhat match our server environment configuration, and have the fewest issues when deploying code from one to the other.

(Also, it lets you get rid of those pesky unnecessary OS components like taskbars and file browsers in favor of more disk space and less CPU usage.)

(Matt Munson) #36

Linux and Winodws, primarily because familiarity and stability,
MBP I had used at a job crashed all the time, just never worked for me for long or very well. (and no I wasn’t the only one there with the issue.)

(Better-Boy) #37

Windows is basically for enterprise people who find it hard to manage systems. MacOS is for the elite programmers. Linux is for the street programmers ,lol

(Corentin ZELLER) #38

Using windows because our office infrastructure have some internal tools working only on windows (monitoring, maintenance, provisionning…), but using Ubuntu1604 on our servers.

(Ri7nz) #39

Linux Its OS to wanna be a programmers

(Abhilash) #40

Windows is the most worst OS ever used by me. Not stable Vulnerable to virus. Should pay for Anti-virus.
Mac and linux best for development. MacBooks are reliable and most common among developers in places other than Microsoft Office