What OS do programmers use? [Poll]

What kind of OS do programmers use?

  • Windows 7+
  • Mac
  • Linux

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Please post below if you have a different one. :point_down:


Hello @StevenCopeland

 Mac OS because i work a a front-end developer.

  • No linux due to a lack of support for design software (Photoshop & Sketch)
  • No Windows because there is not en efficiency terminal for CLI

@flexbox I agree with you but I have always wanted to work on a Linux, because you can download things from the terminal(this might be true with an apple to as I have never worked with an apple) and then you don’t have to worry about downloading un-safe things.

With https://brew.sh/ you can download a looooot of stuff :slight_smile:


Very true! :+1:

Recently Mac-- I like having a stable unix environment. This is my first Mac (2015 MacBook Pro). I’ve used linux my entire college run. I switched over to Mac so I could have the best of all three worlds. I do some systems programming.


@leekew What did you think of Linux?

I really don’t know. I’m not too attached to the operating system-- a lot of benefits you get from linux you also can get from using a Mac. That at least holds true for desktop computers. Servers are a very different animal. Linux certainly doesn’t try to hide things from you. Which is a curse and a blessing. You can break things pretty easily, but there’s ways to get around that. Like using git to track changes to configuration files, and easily reverting backwards when something breaks. Having a lot of control over your computer really takes you out of your shell and I think that made me a better programmer.

These were my primary tasks:

  • Writing Papers
  • Writing command line programs
  • Configuring different services

And it did these things very well.

Another thing to note is that open source tools and programs seem to work best on linux. But I think that’s because that’s their target platform.


Thanks! I wanted to know someones opinion on a Linux other than my brother! :smile:

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You absolutely still have to worry about downloading unsafe things on Linux-based operating systems just as much as you with any other OS. However, I believe it’s true that malware doesn’t target Linux as frequently as Windows or macOS.

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Using OS X – my background is on Unix systems, so OS X is very familiar. My rational reasons for using a Mac are:

  • Unix OS and even better a Unix with Berkeley feel to it.
  • Availability of Adobe tools (primarily Photoshop and InDesign).
  • The control Apple exerts over the platform means that there are many fewer loose ends and details that I need to worry about. I can focus on my project and not get side tracked into figuring out how something works on my platform.
  • With a VM or Bootcamp I can run any other OS I need.

There are also some subjective / irrational reasons:

  • I care a lot about design and my design sensibilities line up well with Apple’s. I’m happier using a Mac than most PCs.
  • Apple gets a lot of functional stuff right (IMHO) so the machines are less annoying to use. A good example is that the Apple track pad actually works as intended for me. I’ve tried using a district issue HP machine and I’m always bumping the trackpad. So on that machine I need to disable the trackpad and use a mouse, which kills some of the portability of a laptop.
  • Durability and resale value are very good.

Thanks @DouglasUrner for replying!

Isn’t it amazing how something seemingly so minimal early on, a substantial command line terminal, would eventually cause developers to loathe and run from Windows. Problem is the entire underlying architecture does not play well with the a command line terminal (unlike /proc and /dev, etc in *nix).


@robmuh I use windows.

Linux as I need the full control of my machine. This is mainly because I am working on Embedded Software, Embedded Linux, custom Hardware, …


I flip flop between Linux and windows. My workstation is windows 7, my laptop is Ubuntu, my home computer is windows 10/Ubuntu 16 dual boot.

Linux is better for programming.


who said linux photoshop office not possible iam using it …

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Linux. Its free and really cool to use. Font renders well too.

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@dooven Yeah I have always wanted a linux!

Of course linux :smiley:

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