What LMS offers a better integration with GitHub?

Which of the existent LMS offers a better integration with GitHub and better fits the set of methodologies you use in GitHub Education?

Interestingly, GitHub is working out an integration with Google Classroom.
See https://github.com/education/classroom/issues/721#issuecomment-490973067.

In particular, I’ve used Google Classroom as a tool per se and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

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Thanks @pattacini,

I will consider to experiment with Google Classroom for the incoming course.
At our institution we use Moodle but I believe it has not much to offer in this regard.

Hi @crguezl,

Actually, starting 10 June, the GitHub team will be developing an extension to make Classroom talk LTI standard. As a result, it seems that Moodle will be covered as a tool that can go along with the Classroom.

cc @mozzadrella


Hi @pattacini it’s here!

We’ve shipped the ability for Classroom to connect with LTI-related tooling:


Why is there no integration with Microsoft Teams?
We intend to use auto-grading with our classrooms hosted in Microsoft Teams but I cannot find any document to tell me how !!

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