What is Github Graduation?

How to Apply this?.
What is the process of this ?
can we will apply next year?

what is differences of the Campus Experd and graduation.

Hi @kavindyasinthasilva :wave:
GitHub Graduation was an event organized to bring closure to students on their academic journey during the COVID pandemic. The event has closed and we are not receiving new applications to the graduation ceremony anymore. Student had to submit a pull request on the graduation repository to get added to the yearbook.

We will revisit the possibility to host the graduation ceremony next year.


@juanpflores My PR was merged but I can’t see my handle in the yearbook :frowning:

Thank you😍

I participated in the github graduation and my pullrequest was approved, but I don’t know how to see if my swagg arrived.
I don’t know how to track the swagg.
(and my country, Mozambique is not on the list of shipping retractions);

They should be arriving this month. If not, fill a support form query so we can review what happened

Where can I find the support form? I didn’t receive my shipment yet.

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