What do you want out of this community?

(John Britton) #1

It’s only been a day and we’ve got over 600 community members and more than 100 comments in the introduction thread.

Now that we’re getting to know each other, I’d like to pose a question. What do you want out of this community?

We’ve established that we’re focused broadly on technology education but what specific things would you like to see here? Consider this a wish list for the community, all ideas are welcome big, small, obvious, and off-the-wall. Share with us and we will do our best to make your ideas into reality.

(Shawn Rider) #2

It would be nice to see, as a part of this community, some threads or indices of examples of educational uses of GH. That could be anything from concepts (for example, I’d be happy to share how we’ve organized our courses to use GH Pages as a way of allowing students to build persistent, free portfolios of their work) to actual examples of assignments or starter repos for projects (such as many of the repos we have available openly at http://github.com/suwebdev).

Finding practical discussion of using GitHub in the classroom is difficult, so I’d welcome these topics. And I’d love it if there were a way to build some kind of list or database of open educational resources on GitHub. They are out there, but difficult to discover.

(Gautam krishna.R) #3

I would like to see an introduce yourself post for the students as well, as i am a student,

Why is there almost no activity in this community?
(John Britton) #4

Thanks for the suggestion. So far we’ve only acitively been promoting this community to teachers, but we’re planning to invite students soon. When we do, we’ll definitely set up an introductions thread.

(Messwright) #5

I’m @messwright and I’m currently putting together code camps for children. I am focusing on starting every class and project by introducing analog concepts first, then using a variety of avenues to explore a concept from there thru to producing a digital product.

I am also putting together a business plan that aims to reach as many children in poverty as it does people who can afford to pay for this type of technology enrichment. (Details can be found at f6s.com/renegadesofcode

I’m thrilled to find these resources via GitHub, and I look forward to being part of this community. Please know I am very receptive to feedback, questions, input, and ideas in general.

(Sattar Hummatli) #6

Hi friends.
I am mobile(android, iOS) developer working on my own applications.

Want to learn great things from GitHub comunity.

(Scott Sanicki) #7


I would like to see an introduce yourself post for the students as well, as i am a student

Have you seen:

(Spyke Krepshaw) #8

Hi everyone!

My name is Spyke Krepshaw, and I teach Web Development at Pennsylvania College of Technology. I am thinking of utilizing GitHub for some of my future courses, and am excited to see the possibilities.

(Sivagaminathanpg) #11

Hai ! everybody

I am a professor in “karpagam deemed university” coimbatore. I wanted to use GitHub for learning R programming, Big data and data science.

Iam really excited to see such a open source available for developers and educators!
Dr Sivagaminathan PG

(Abba Haruna) #12

Hello Everyone my name is Abba Haruna

(Mcduffhackser) #13

My name is Ronnie I’m going to Harrison College to be an IT professional

(Peom) #14

My name is Patrick. I am currently working on software that may prove useful for the teaching of many subjects. I joined just now to make a comment to one of the developers whose work is available from Github. I made my first computer with sockets and wire-wrap connections, then put together a couple of BigBoard computers and perforce learned how to debug hardware problems. My programming experience began with PILOT and soon shifted to C. Recently I have been working with Java in the hope that more users will be able to use the software.

This being my first experience with Github, I have yet to explore. Occasionally my wide but shallow experience may hopefully be of some use to others. I have a rather broad and splotchy background in the philosophy of science, physics, Daoism, and Chinese language and philosophy. I also do martial arts, but that makes no impact in the digital world. :wink:

You can see some of my work, including teaching materials, at www.china-learn.info

(Magic Traveller) #15

I konw that there are some grammatical mistakes in this passage.So I would like to improve my code level and my English level by GitHub.At least typing again without Baidu translation:sweat:.