What do students see?

I’m using Classrooms and assignments for the first time (my TAs managed it before) and I am having trouble understanding what students “see” in terms of classrooms.

First, it appears that since they only get invited to assignments, they don’t see a “classroom” page.

I’ve had several questions like, “when is the assignment due?” yet I clearly set the due date in the assignment. I see the students have repos that they cloned after accepting the assignment invitation, but I have no idea how to tell them where to look for the due date (we have several classrooms with the same work and the dates depend on the classroom). The date is not in the forked repo, right? Are they supposed to have a classroom portal (like the instructor has)?

Where is there a documentation for students to explain all of these things? I spent 20 mins googling and found that a bug exists saying Due Dates are not visible, but that repo is archived, so maybe that’s not true?

Thanks in advance…

Hi @fuhrmanator,

The issue you found in the archived repo is correct, there isn’t currently a way to see the Deadline as a student. We’re looking into making this possible in the future though, we’ll be sure to reach out when that happens!

For now, the best way to do this would be to communicate the deadline to your students separately.

GitHub Classroom

Github classroom took me a lot of time to wrap my head around. At its basic level, it is a tool for you to distribute copies of a repository to each student, and then the students can commit and push those repos and you can have a bit of help organizing the collection of these repos.

So, the students see that a repo is created for them, the students can then clone and do everything they would with a regular repo (because that is what it is), and you can easily get to each repo to see what the students have done.

It solves the problem of making sure all repos are named correctly and that you have access to them, and that they can all be private to avoid students accidentally sharing their work.

There might be more (some of the autograding, etc), but that is still a mystery to me.

Thanks for confirming.

I now have a follow-up question: What do students see when they need to link their GitHub accounts to the name in the roster? I need some documentation to explain it, since only about 2/3 of the 80 students figured it out.

Specifically, I imported a list of students from a CSV (my LMS doesn’t support automatic integration). There’s a roster list, but what steps does a student need to do to link her GitHub account to her name on the roster? Where is that documented?

Edit: it might be that my TAs manually did it, I have a course of 80 students now. In general, it’s a big problem when students have strange GitHub usernames to link them to the school account. Some hints on how best to do this would be appreciated. I was going to just make a Google Form to ask each student to enter her email and GitHub account, then I can script the rest (or just use excel-fu). But if there’s an easier way, please document it.

Edit2: I dug deeper and think I see how the workflow is. When students accept an assignment, they can link to the name on the roster list, if it’s created ahead of time. Here’s what it looks like in an activity diagram: