Website Hosting Via Github

Is there someone who has hosted a website on GitHub whose URL is in the format:

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Heya, it’s called GitHub Pages and if you do a search you can find a lot of examples and tutorials :slight_smile: it’s actually really quick and you can use themes prebuilt in, markdown or HTML and CSS to create them! Let me know if you have any specific questions :blush:


Thanks, Alexandra. I’ve setup Github Pages as you suggested. and it’s available at
Is it possible to hide a specific file or folder so that when someone forks or clones the repository, specific files are not shared? Like some authentication files and personalized content.

Heya, as far as I know anything private in a GitHub pages repo won’t display on the site but I might be wrong. As far as I know you can only display the public repos.

I have a github page ( It is actually a simple thing to do.

  1. Create a repo on github (for example the repo i made here was tomjoetech)
  2. Upload your website folder into that repo.
  3. Boom, it is working. Visit this website and replace with yours

Btw my tech blog is , if you care to read tech reviews and stuffs

Can we make dynamic pages ? If so how

You can’t use Github Pages to host dynamic websites.

No you cannot use dynamic pages using GitHub Pages. GitHub Pages only designed for Personal Portfolio etc.
Please use Jekyll Static Website.