Website Hosting Via Github

Is there someone who has hosted a website on GitHub whose URL is in the format:

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Heya, it’s called GitHub Pages and if you do a search you can find a lot of examples and tutorials :slight_smile: it’s actually really quick and you can use themes prebuilt in, markdown or HTML and CSS to create them! Let me know if you have any specific questions :blush:


Thanks, Alexandra. I’ve setup Github Pages as you suggested. and it’s available at
Is it possible to hide a specific file or folder so that when someone forks or clones the repository, specific files are not shared? Like some authentication files and personalized content.

Heya, as far as I know anything private in a GitHub pages repo won’t display on the site but I might be wrong. As far as I know you can only display the public repos.

I have a github page ( It is actually a simple thing to do.

  1. Create a repo on github (for example the repo i made here was tomjoetech)
  2. Upload your website folder into that repo.
  3. Boom, it is working. Visit this website and replace with yours

Btw my tech blog is , if you care to read tech reviews and stuffs

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