Web App Using Python

(Omar M'Haimdat) #1

I’m learning python for a project that I’m working on with a teammate. And we are looking for any sort of framework similar to electron.js so that we can somehow deliver our Web App on multiple platforms without starting over.

(hamzat) #2

Then try out Django and thank me later

(Omar M'Haimdat) #3

Will do, thank you

(Omar M'Haimdat) #4

Do you know any website where I can find good documentation?

(hamzat) #5

Send me your mail let me transfer the ones I use of find Django by example PDF and two scope

(hamzat) #6

Or visit Django website and download the documentation or go to ebook-dl.com

(Omar M'Haimdat) #7

Here’s my email omarmhaimdat@gmail.com

(Dodgey//Rogey) #8

Did we get a proper download and instruction?

(hamzat) #9

have sent it to yur mail

(Omar M'Haimdat) #10

Thank you :ok_hand: