👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Vanessa) #391

@Nava2 welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your curriculum and assignments for Data Structures and Algorithms–know several folks in this crew are also using GitHub + an LMS and teaching Data Structures who will benefit from this!

I caught this on your course website and chuckled at the warning on the calendar:

(Kevin Brightwell) #392

Oh, it’s changed more than I care to admit.

The source for the website (not the lectures or labs, yet) is actually hosted here as well: https://github.com/Nava2/uwo-course-site-seed

Forgot to put that in!

(Barış Aktemur) #394


I’m Baris Aktemur; an assistant professor of Computer Science at Ozyegin University. I teach the courses listed below. I use Github mostly for students to submit their projects. This semester I’m going to use Github’s Classroom feature for the first time.

(Toufiq Amin) #395

Hi everyone,

I’m a lecturer in the School of Applied Science at Sabiprobi,BD

I use GitHub for all my modules, with a different organisation for each.

(Michael Cullen) #396

Hello Teachers and Github classroom. I’m Mike. I am a mathematics teacher at Woodland Regional High School in Beacon Falls CT. I have stepped up to teach AP Computer Science A (Java) for our students this year. I am brand new to coding, computer science, java, GitHub, etc. Basically, I am a newbie trying to stay one step ahead of my students during this initial year.

I would like to learn more about GitHub and GitHub Classroom in order to integrate it into my classroom workflow.

I look forward to learning more from all your experiences.


(Vanessa) #397

Hi @cullenmrc, welcome! Glad you’re here.

A few resources for you as you dig into to building your curriculum:

Feel free to post questions here as you go this spring (and share your successes!)

Hi @aktemur welcome :slight_smile: which class are you using Classroom for? Let us know how it goes!

(Vanessa) #398

Hi @ToufiqAmin welcome :slight_smile:

How did you come to settle on the design of one organization per module? (Curious teachers may want to know!)

Thanks, and glad you’re here. VMG

(Barış Aktemur) #399

Dear @mozzadrella,

I’m using Classroom for my Compilers course.

Here is the first challenge I encountered :slight_smile: If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

  • I created an assignment based on a repository as the starter code.
  • The repo is copied for each student.
  • I then wanted to add a new piece of code to the starter code.
  • I can’t push into the student repositories (except for doing this manually for each repo). Because they don’t appear as forks of my starter code, a pull requests cannot be issued, either.
  • I had to delete the assignment and create it from scratch.

Is there a capability that I’m missing here?

Also, a minor feature request:
It would be great to be able to start an assignment from a particular commit of a repository, not only its HEAD.

Thank you.

Workarounds for Updates to Starter Code in Classroom
(Jeremy H) #400

Hi all,
I am an instructor at Langara College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This semester I am teaching intro to OO programming, and a unix course. Source control is an extra topic in the unix course, and I’m hoping to cover git this term.

(Emlam) #401


I teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript to high school youth. My students are first-generation and are very eager to learn to code!

(Steve Brownlee) #402

So glad that I finally joined the community! My name is Steve Brownlee and I’m the Lead Instructor at Nashville Software School, which is was the first non-profit software development bootcamp in the US.

I started using Github Classroom for our 11th cohort back in October of 2015 and it’s been an invaluable tool ever since. Being able to create individual exercises, group exercises and assessment repositories in our Github organization, and then let student work on their own copies of it vastly reduces the manual labor and confusion that would exist without Classroom.

Since DVCS via Github is a Core Skill that our students must be strongly proficient in upon graduation, having another tool that integrates with their workflow strengthens their knowledge even more.

(Klobitz) #403

I’m a high school student activities director. I oversee a million things so always leveraging tech to my advantage or simply to survive! Recently planned Devil Hack, huge success and cannot wait for 2018. Starting to plan for a youth tech camp for this summer.

(Bittin) #404

Hello my name is Luna Jernberg and i work with http://www.atom.io and HTML and other stuff at http://tabyfriskola.se/

(James Mills) #405

Hello fellow teachers!

I’m James, and my GitHub handle is STEMfromMills.

I teach high school PLTW (Project Lead the Way) engineering and computer science courses in Iowa. This is my first time teaching PLTW’s AP Computer Science Principles course, and I’m looking forward to connecting with fellow AP CSP teachers.

Thanks for providing so much help already - I’m looking forward to continuing to learn along side my students!

(Vanessa) #406

@aktemur yes, student repositories in Classroom are sandboxes, independent copies of teacher repositories.

Here’s some of the background of the thinking on this design decision: https://github.com/education/classroom/issues/2

Thinking I might make this a separate thread to help get some other teachers to pipe in with their workarounds.

(Alistair Calder) #407

Hello all! My name is Alistair and I teach web development at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, BC, Canada. I’m on leave right now as I’m completing some graduate work at Royal Roads University.

I moved my curriculum to Github some time ago, but I did it in a clumsy way and would love to change that. Nice to see a rich community here!

(Rahul Bisht) #408

Hi, I am Rahul Bisht from Rajasthan, India. I teach students programming Languages Java and Python and Web Development at my coaching Institute. I’m looking for ways to integrate use of GitHub in the Institute to Introduce it to my students for source code management. !! I have an experience of 2 years in teaching at my institute. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

(Martin Kolb) #409

Hi there! My name is Martin Kolb. I am teaching at Staatliche Berufsschule II Bayreuth in Germany, a vocational college for commercial students. I’d like to try education.github for our current e-commerce initiative.

In my spare time I develop a macOS application for creating gapped texts and close tests called Gapped.

(Marcelo Martins) #410

Hello teachers!

I’m Marcelo Martins, I’m teaching Web Developement with PHP and Laravel Framework at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s my first year that I’m using Github for my classes and it’s being a great experience.

I didn’t know about Github Classroom, but @mozzadrella (at Brazil, we call mussarela kkk) showed me how I could use at my classroom. I’ll try to use for the final project.

I’m using Github Pages for course syllabus and https://gist.github.com for lessons and some notes. It’s been very helpful.

You can see some material I’m using available here:

(Mahantesh Biradar) #411

Hello folks!

I’m Mahantesh, a Graduate PhD candidate in Biomedical Science.

My Github handle is mantubiradar.

I live in Taipei

Apart from his research, I’m also passionate for Social Media Strategy, Biz Dev, and Science Communication. In my free time, I enjoy Hiking, Photography, and Yoga.