"Viewed" files in PR no longer collapsed on revisit?

This is likely not an issue with Github Education per se, but I’m starting here and hoping for be directed elsewhere if necessary!

The “Viewed” checkbox that appears for each file in the “Files changed” view of the feedback PR for my students assignments seems to be broken. It works the first time I use it (expected behaviour: it collapses the file) but when I revisit this PR (say the next day after the student has changed their code according to my feedback) the file is expanded again, even with the viewed checkbox selected.

Here is an image of the issue: the checkbox is selected but the file contents are visible (cropped for privacy reasons)

This is frustrating for my workflow, since I use the ‘viewed’ checkbox to indicate that file has been fully assessed (meets all requirements), I leave programs with unresolved feedback unchecked. Usually when I check back on a student’s feedback PR I will only see files with new content or open comments - but now I have to scroll through everything.

This appears to be a relatively new issue? Perhaps in the last few days or so?

Can anyone help direct me to where I can go to report this bug?


Yeah, this was a frustrating bug for me too until I found File FilterViewed Files. I hope this will help you.

Thank you, this does help.

I don’t consider it a perfect solution however - sometimes when I am scanning through a repo I want to be assured that the files are actually there, I just don’t need to see their contents at that particular moment. Other times I want to take a quick peek to remind myself of what was there when I checked it previously.

Hopefully they consider this a bug and are working on fixing it, because I don’t consider this new behaviour to be an improvement! I really liked the old setup :slight_smile:

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I experience the same behavior. Hope that’s a bug that will be fixed soon.

experiencing the same behaviour as of today

think it needs to be reported here: support@github.com

Thanks! I was looking for a ‘report a bug’ feature and was coming up short - I will send the email today!

Coming back here to update - the support email no longer works, but I did (finally) find out where to submit a bug (Bug report - GitHub Support)

Thanks for the help!