Verifying Academic Affiliation

(Sarallelagram) #1

Our university domain name is apparently a hotbed of fraudulent requests for the academic discount, so has been banned.

I’ve tried a variety of ways to demonstrate my association (I’m a tenure track Assistant Professor in our astronomy dept.). I’ve been notified that the only way to prove my affiliation is to get a dated and signed employment verification letter.

I totally understand GitHub’s need to balance their generosity with preventing fraud. However, a verification letter just sucks up the time of our administrators and frankly if one were committed, is easy to fake. Things like my existence on our department website in dated blog posts & our directory are harder. Or my class listing in our catalog for the class I’m trying to get onto github.

Since faculty don’t have dated IDs (since they expect us to be trapped forever) they aren’t a good solution either.

I’d be curious to know if other things have worked for folks, and how big a problem this really is.