Using startercode always 2 commits exist

Hi there,

I’m trying to (again) use GitHub Classroom to be able to get my students to GitHub and to try out the benefits of having all repo’s downloaded and reviewed in a more concise manner.

Im having 3 questions (for now :slight_smile: )

  1. I use a startercode that itself has 2 commits (of my own) in it. Whenever I use this startercode in an assignment, those 2 commits also show up as if the student made 2 commits! So if I set up a deadline, everyone has made commits, and thus has ‘submitted’ something… Is this a bug, or default behaviour?

  2. Furthermore, I’ve seen some video’s of teachers who are using classroom, but never a demo of a teacher giving feedback, and a student submitting an assignment. Maybe anyone has come across such video and would want to share it?

  3. If I use startercode, for some students it takes hours (!) before the import of setting up the assignment repo is done, while other students get it in a few minutes. What is the case with that delay? The startercode is really small, so it shouldn’t take long too import. Is it set into a queue of some kind?

Teacher in the Netherlands