Using startercode always 2 commits exist

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Hi there,

I’m trying to (again) use GitHub Classroom to be able to get my students to GitHub and to try out the benefits of having all repo’s downloaded and reviewed in a more concise manner.

Im having 3 questions (for now :slight_smile: )

  1. I use a startercode that itself has 2 commits (of my own) in it. Whenever I use this startercode in an assignment, those 2 commits also show up as if the student made 2 commits! So if I set up a deadline, everyone has made commits, and thus has ‘submitted’ something… Is this a bug, or default behaviour?

  2. Furthermore, I’ve seen some video’s of teachers who are using classroom, but never a demo of a teacher giving feedback, and a student submitting an assignment. Maybe anyone has come across such video and would want to share it?

  3. If I use startercode, for some students it takes hours (!) before the import of setting up the assignment repo is done, while other students get it in a few minutes. What is the case with that delay? The startercode is really small, so it shouldn’t take long too import. Is it set into a queue of some kind?

Teacher in the Netherlands

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