Using GitHub Learning Lab in GitHub Classroom

I just started to explore using [](http://GitHub Learning Lab) with the intention of connecting it to the classroom organization and then to the repos in an assignment.

I was able to install the app, but not able to access a learning lab public course as a member of an organization. I did successfully with a personal repo.

If I read the docs correctly, it looks like private labs to an organization are available to members of the organization. So, making my own labs will work internally in an organization. However, I cannot directly take a public lab and select it/assign it as a classroom assignment.

Has anybody tried GitHub Learning Lab? I like the tool, I showed do some of my students and it was very contagious, we all started doing the labs :smiley:

I found a reference on the docs

It appears the organization setup for classroom is not recognized as enterprise type, which is what is needed to import GH learning lab courses.

@ericdrosado am I correct? Is there the possibility to request enterprise organization status as part of the education benefit?

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@fedebassetti Sorry for the delayed response. Currently there is no way to assign GitHub Learning Lab lessons in GitHub Classroom and maintain the Learning Lab functionality, as issues are not cloned over when creating an assignment.

If this is a feature you are interested in or if any educators are interested in, I would highly recommend creating an issue here:

If you do create an issue, please share the link here so that others may chime in on the issue to promote it.

Just wanted to follow up with this. I am trying to teach a course using Github Learning Lab, but the API seems to be limited and I need to integrate it with an LMS for the grading process to the scalable. Any updates?

cc: @ericdrosado