Using GitHub/Git for Group Projects


Does anyone have suggestions for how to instruct students to collaborate using GitHub/Git for group projects? I’m wondering about issues such as: should one person be designated as the leader, and that person approves any changes to the repo? Should the group project repo exist on an organizational page or in one of the student’s accounts? What are best practices for avoiding conflicts? Any help or links to materials would be appreciated!


You should introduced Atom-21 century hackable text editor
Atom has been made by Github so there is vast community behind it and recently they have lauch a package named teletype which is used for collaboration .
Check it out](
In my views make teams and not make leaders so that they have their views and can collabrate through atom teletyle package and project is known by their team name not by the leader

We all are leaders of our self so better is to that you don’t make leaders while giving project to team of students[


Thanks… I will definitely check this out.

@jtr13 I’ve heard teachers appoint a project manager, which sometimes changes from week to week.

You may find this case study from Delft useful:

Delft.pdf (43.0 KB)

Also @ericboivin is a veritable master of designing group projects with GitHub–he may be able to help.

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Hi! Thanks for the kind referal @mozzadrella :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to give admin rights to each team member. Unless you think that the team could really do bad things I don’t see the problem. Naturally, the team should find their process and have a dedicated person that will manage the GitHub.

About organizational vs personal: I think that organizational is more interesting. The personal repo can be quite limitating for the teacher. And what if the student becomes sick or leaves the course? By keeping control, . Organizational repos are easy to make private, so for the next semester students won’t have access to the previous semester’s work. Personal repos are an hassle for me since I have to send mails to past students to ask them to not publish their assignments or group projects to public repo because future students can just copy them.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Oops! That was me under my test account :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! This is exactly the type of resource I was looking for.

Thanks. Interesting… I actually have been encouraging students (masters level) to share their projects as it’s in their interest to create portfolios / online presence. They’re all working with different data so I’m not concerned about copying. There’s also the Student Developer Pack which offers private repos and apparently other benefits. Perhaps I’ll try both ways – organizations and private repos and see which works best.

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