Using GitHub for Student Project Management

I am contemplating getting students more comfortable with issues by using GitHub issues to do project management. Does anyone have experience doing this and found it successful?

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We depend on GitHub as a core tool for this purpose. Our Pro program requires students begin really managing their work and learning to depend on peer review and contributions.

Thanks for the pointer. I was hoping to perhaps have students do time estimates for tasks. Do you have any suggestions for that?

No suggestions for that and boy would I like them. One of the main skills these students are learning is time estimation. I encourage them to bite off more than they can handle and pair back the result at the end rather than not plan enough. I had one student tell me three weeks before the finish that he “was done” and had to explain that be needed to make sure he was still working on other aspects, polish, etc. of the project. In fact, I have found that most of the lesson they learn in Pro is not actually technical, but learning how to be responsible and manage their own learning with our help.

I was pondering possibly using the milestone functionality for this but it’s not exactly ideal. It does provide a due date along with a nice progress bar towards completion but I am a bit worried it will require the use of a lot of milestones. Tags inside of these might also work but now I feel like I am fighting the system rather than adapting it to my purposes.

Am I missing something or are custom tags not an option at all?

I meant labels, sorry about that.

I was thinking of having labels that would list a date but I honestly don’t think this would work well.