"Using GitHub Classroom to Teach Statistics" published in the Journal of Statistics Education

Based off my popular guide, GitHub Classroom for Teachers, my colleagues and I have published a paper titled “Using GitHub Classroom to Teach Statistics”. The paper can now be viewed in the Journal of Statistics Education. This paper builds off the guides, motivating why you should use GitHub Classroom, and also discussing how to modify it based on how advanced your students are. We help this is helpful for everyone in this community, and please let us know if you have any feedback or questions!


Congratulations! :rocket:

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Hey @jfiksel,

Thank you for both the paper and guide! I am planning on trying to implementing something like this at the community college I teach at so its a valuable resource!

I see in your original guide you clone all the repos down and add commits to each person’s repo for grading. I understanding that cloning and potentially running code whatever it may be is valuable but I am really interested in why you are not using Pull Requests for reviewing material? From a Software perspective thats how the industry operates for “code reviews” and in this case “grading review”.


Hey @acorbin3, glad that you find the guides useful.

For grading, it’s completely up to your preference. As you said, our focus was on seeing whether or not the code ran, and since we already had the code on our local computers, we just found it easier to comment directly in there, rather than using a pull request. We also were teaching a completely introductory class, and didn’t feel comfortable/didn’t have enough time to introduce the concept of pull requests.

If you decide to use pull requests for feedback as part of your workflow, I would completely welcome an additional section to the guides about how you do this, since our method is not going to be best for everyone.

Hey @jfiksel, that sounds fair and probably is good enough for some classes like yours.

Yeah I put something together and add another section on pull request.

Thanks again for you hard work in putting this together!!

Congratulations! :cowboy_hat_face: