Using GitHub Classroom intensively - thanks!

Hi community

Howest Associate’s degree programming is getting ready for a new academic year.
2 years ago we fully adopted Git, GitHub & GitHub Classroom in our curriculum.

We’re proud to announce that all assignments, projects and exams were held online through GitHub Organizations using GitHub Classroom.


  • 12 lecturers and 280 students using the platform
  • 20 Organizations, organised / course module
  • 5,710 repo’s online last academic year
  • Happiness among teammembers and students improved by 2 hearts :slight_smile:

Great thanks to all who’s involved in GitHub, GitHub Education and GitHub Classroom.
You’re fantastic!


William Schokkelé
Course responsible

Howest Associate’s Degree Programming


Some would claim 4 hearts even :smile:

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William, kudos to you for sharing to praise. Lately, whenever I read it’s more sharing to bash or complain than to praise. :slight_smile: Congrats to you for having a successful course as well! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity - and of course if that’s no trouble - could you describe how you approached grading? Also, were there some hiccups on classroom side, like import problems or not opened feedback PRs (if you used these, of course)?

Hi Tomasz

Thanks for your reply. It’s a small effort to give possitive feedback, hope it motivates :slight_smile:
We can’t emhasize enough how much GitHub (Classroom) changed our planning of assignments, exams, projects … and lifted our courses to the next level.

We use Classroom Assistant to download the projects, but we do grading manually in standard IDE.
So, we’re not using the autograder functionallity yet (but are willing to experiment).

We think automatic grading is possible for base concepts (variables, methods, classes) but on most projects we think it’ll be insufficient to handle all rubrics of evaluation. We like to discuss code with our students, explain why grades are ok (or not). We like interaction with our students. So we think automatic grading can have it’s place in the background, but no more than that. Maybe future will instruct us otherwise :slight_smile:

For group projects we use pull-requests on a technical flow based scheme: master for production (sorry for the word master, likely to be changed i think), dev for combined work, feature branches. Teammembers and lecturers review PR’s to dev / master. We don’t use PR’s for individual assignments (yet) or use them for commenting or grading purposes only.

Hope this got you any further.

Kind regards


William, many thanks!

Reading your answer I found out we see grading quite alike. From what I gather your tasks are somewhat advanced, at least outside of language basics and building blocks. So, when you guys grade students, how long does it take you?
I’m thinking that there must be a better way of doing things than mine. :smiley:
I find out grading is by far THE MOST exhausting part of the course. And I - as you - found automatic grading fitting for simple cases or a bit too revealing.

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