Using Existing Teams in Group Assignments?

I’m trying to create a group assignment using a set of existing teams as seems to be demonstrated in the tutorial video. However, as I’m creating the assignment the option to use other teams isn’t there. I only get the option to create new teams, but even when I enter something there, my test student doesn’t see that predefined team.

Can anybody advise on what to do?



Wish I could help Jason, but I’m stuck at the same juncture. Would love to get past this hurdle.

Initial team creation currently happens on the student side of GitHub Classroom. For the initial group assignment, if you want certain students to join certain teams you must specify the team names to your students and ask them to form those teams within the Classroom interface.

Once teams are formed, you may reuse them for subsequent assignments.

If you are having difficulty reusing existing teams, please report the issue here:

Please include a detailed account of the steps you’ve taken, including screenshots if possible.

That is i never can use my groups (teams) created previously in my github organization???

If you are having difficulty reusing existing teams, please report the issue here.

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@miltonlab @mickelj

You can re-use teams from the same Organization over and over. When you create a new group assignment, there’s a dropdown menu that lists your pre-existing sets of teams.


Dear @mozzadrella and @sanicki i have my groups or temas in my organization at Github:


But they not appear at moment of group assignment creation at Classroom


@miltonlab teams form on the student side–you can make groups, but students opt in to them.

There’s a 1:1 mapping of teams from Classroom to the repo, but teams created in do not flow back to Classroom. It needs to be done through the Classroom application.

Hope this helps.

Hi all: I’m trying to work through this right now and still find it extremely confusing. What I would love to see is a series of screenshots that show how an instructor creates teams (e.g. “Team 1”, “Team 2”, “Team 3” in a way that students can opt in to those teams. Right now, it looks like, even when I specify a number of teams in the “Maximum number of teams” form during assignment creation, they still do not appear for students and that the students then have to type “Team 1” into the Create a new team form upon accepting an assignment. Is this accurate or am I missing something?

What I see:

What my students see:

Ahh - any response to this thread?

Seems like groups/teams/whatever are extremely difficult to manage/administer in GitHub Classroom.

Why is that?


Heh… I’ve actually had to come back to this thread and look at my old posts since I only do group projects once a semester… and it’s such a weird process that I have to look it up each time. If you haven’t seen it already, this thread provides some additional info. I think that signals that the process could be better… once I have a second to breathe I’ll try and write-up a feature request about it.

I’ve found a workaround. Here is how you can create a predefined set of teams for group assignment:

  1. Create a second GitHub account. It comes out handy if you need to see how things work from students point of view when they accept the assignment.
  2. With this second account follow the group assignment link and create a new team pretending you are a student.
  3. Switch to your main GitHub account with admin access to GitHub Classroom. On GitHub navigate to the list of teams in the organization you are using for this assignment.
  4. Find the team you just created. Open the list of team members and remove your second GitHub account from that team. Do not delete the team itself, just remove the “test” account from the team.
  5. Now you will be able to accept assignment again with your “test” account. Repeat steps 2-4 to create as many teams as you need.
  6. Edit assignment settings on GitHub Classroom and set the maximum number of allowed teams (groups) for this assignment to be exactly equal to the number of teams you just created. This will restrict students from creating new teams and they will be forced to use the teams you created instead.

Note: it takes a lot of time to switch between browsers with different GitHub accounts if you have many groups!


I’ve used @markpolyak’s excellent workaround last year, but indeed, it is very inconvenient when you have a large number of groups…

Came back here in preparation for the next academic year, looking whether GitHub Classroom has finally fixed the issue, but alas…

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