User not in class accepts repo

A GitHub user not in my class accepted one of my graded tasks/ repos.
I contacted the user, but they did not get back to me.

It could just be academic misconduct, i.e. a student paid this user to do the work for them and they accepted this repo by mistake with their own account, but I am not sure what is going on.

I assume it is not possible for users to accept a repo unless they brute force guess the URL, but out of interest: has this happened to any of you, i.e. you had someone not in your class accepting a repo?

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I’ve never had someone else join my repo thats not one of my students before. But maybe the one that joined is one of your students account that you didnt know of or maybe someone in your class gave the URL away to a public group or to someone by mistake or meaningly. Have you tried asking your class if anyone used the wrong account or if they know what happened? :slight_smile:

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Like your thought, a student with a second account was my first idea, too, but the account in question has a photo and info where this user is from. It is a developer and not one of my students, that’s why I thought a student might pay for help or this is someone who kind of brute force guessed the URL.
The class doesn’t seem to know…
You are right, they might have posted this in a forum. I had a similar case maybe 15 years ago (not GitHub related) where a student asked for help in a forum and posted his code including the SQL username and pw…


Ouch, SQL user and pw? What happened next? :sweat_smile: But anyways if noone seems to know its probably someone who leaked the URL or paid someone to do his work :face_with_diagonal_mouth: But who knows someone maybe bruteforced in.

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I would definitely look for any distinctive code patterns of our party crasher and do a diffchecker between the unknown user and the rest of the class to see if anyone else’s solution matches the solution that the unsub used. Can you boot out the lurker?

Hehe, about that SQL pw, when I discovered it online no had seemed to have misused it yet and I changed the students password immediately 8^)

Thanks. The accepted the repo, but didn’t do any work in to. So strange. I haven’t booted them out yet as he can’t do more damage by staying and like this maybe GitHub can look into it. I raised it with them and they said they are currently working on enforcing only a set of users to be able to accept an assignment which should prevent this from happening in the future.

Damn, that must’ve been a relief. haha :slight_smile: