Use roster IDs for repository postfix instead of student GH username

(Reshef Elisha) #1

Hi all,

When students take up an assignment, the repository gets created with their username in the repo name. Is there any option to use the roster ID instead? It would be very helpful for larger classes where we use section-letter+number as a classroom ID of sorts.


(Reshef Elisha) #2

Alternatively (and this is mostly a question to any team member that may see this), if I take some time to write the feature in and submit a PR, is it likely to get accepted?

If it is I’ll gladly do it, but if it’s not I’d rather spend the time updating our systems to work with different IDs.

(Chris Cannon) #3

@ReshefElisha the Classroom team is happy to review any pull request you’d like to submit, it appears that something like what you’re requesting is an open issue on the Classroom project, consider commenting there to see if the team is working on this or would like your help.

(Kevin A. Wortman) #4

As a workaround, I require that students edit a to include their campus-issued email address, and deduct points if they don’t do that. Since all campus emails have the same format it’s easy to harvest them with a script. And identifying yourself in source code is a standard industry practice so I don’t feel it is an unfair burden on the students.

(Reshef Elisha) #5

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve created PR #1722 to address this.

@kevinwortman that’s a good idea, if the PR does not go through I may default to that instead. Do you worry about misrepresentation? (students submitting others’ identity) The class is over 180 students and most of the grading is automated. (I can also implement checks for gh-uname->uni-id, but I’m curious what your experience is like)

(Kevin A. Wortman) #6

You’re right that students could misrepresent themselves, but this hasn’t been a problem for us. Students’ grades are on the line, and if they were caught they would be subject to the same academic honesty policy that applies to plagiarism, and this seems to be enough of a deterrent.

(Dan Wallach) #7

I have a Google Form that I ask all students to fill out. That’s a chance for me to survey them on a variety of basic questions, and also to just say “tell me your campus NetID and your GitHub ID”. Last semester, this mostly worked fine, except I had one student who changed their GitHub ID mid-semester, because whatever, so I had to tweak my scripts a bit.

As a matter of redundancy, I also require them to place their name and campus NetID in the file. Most do it, a few forget. I suppose I could tweak the Travis CI system to fail the build if it sees the string in the file. That would work wonders.