Update starter code repo after creating assignment but before accepted by students


I’ve currently created a new assignment and specified a starter-code repository (but I have not sent out the invitation link yet). Now I’ve detected a small issue in the starter code that I fixed and commited to my starter-code repo.
Do I have to re-create the assignment now? Which version/commit of the starter-code repo is forked when the individual student-repos are created?

Thanks, Mario

@winterer you do not need to change anything with the assignment. The contents of the starter code repo is copied at the time the assignment is accepted and a new assignment repository is made. This also means if you find an error after the first couple of students have accepted the assignment, you can fix it on your starter code before you rest of your students accept the assignment.

@ccannon94 that’s fine - thanks for your quick response!
I just thought that it would also be a nice feature to be able to (optionally) specify a certain commit - or better: tag to be used for cloning. On the other hand now I’m glad I didn’t… :wink:

That does sound like it could be useful! Please feel free to open an issue in the Classroom repo requesting this feature :smile:

:cowboy_hat_face: Done:

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