Unity3D Course Material

Recently I’ve taught a class on Unity3D at NABA (Milan, IT) for a Game Design corse.
The course has been 7 lessons long and students were not developer oriented, so I had to choose a workaround for letting them script their project. I choose Fungus, a pretty awesome plugin.

The course topics can be found here (sorry, it’s in italian!): https://marcosecchi.github.io/naba-2016-labgamedesign/

Students had a lot of questions about the tool, most of all regarding how to use Fungus (which is 2D oriented) in a 3D environment, so I decided to create a Unity3D project with a list of example scenes.

The project can be found here (in english): https://github.com/marcosecchi/naba-2016-labgamedesign-fungus-demos and can be freely used by anyone interested in.

Hope you enjoy it!