Unable to Import Students from Moodle LMS


Currently, we are in the progress of integrating our LMS based on Moodle (private hosting) with GitHub classroom. I have followed the step-by-step instruction given in this url: https://classroom.github.com/help/connect-to-lms . However, when I tried to " Import students from your institution" , I got the following error message: “GitHub Classroom is unable to fetch membership from Moodle at this time. If the problem persists, re-launch GitHub Classroom from your learning management system and try again.”

It seems the problem that I faced is quite similar like this issue: https://github.com/education/classroom/issues/2386 .

Is there anyone encountered a similar problem before?


Hi @farhansj,

Some Moodle instances seem to not play well with the GitHub Classroom integration. Unfortunately we don’t have the bandwidth to investigate at the moment. Are you able to import your roster by exporting a CSV or TXT file from Moodle?

Hi @d12,

I didn’t see importing roster from CSV at the menu. Do I need to disconnect my moodle and github classroom prior importing the roster from CSV?

I will also work with our Moodle service provider to investigate the problem.


Yes, if you disconnect Moodle, you’ll see the option to import via CSV!