Two new partners in the Student Developer Pack for back to school

Hi Education Community,

We’ve launched two new partners in the GitHub Student Developer Pack: Transifex and Datadog.

Transifex offers translation and localization software for apps. The apps students create can now be localized for many different countries and lanuages right from the start. It’s great that we’re getting this

Datadog also just launched in our pack today. They provide monitoring and alerting for everything from a single app to a large number of servers. They’ll make any software or infrastructure the students create more robust.

Students, please sign up for a pack now if you don’t already have one! Teachers, please encourage your students to get the pack. We think it’s a great way to start developing apps quickly with the best developer tools on the market.

I’m happy to talk about these offers or any ideas you might have for new partners you’d like to see in the pack.

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