Trying to understand how to properly administrate (using LDAP) this promising service

Hi all,

My name is charlie derr and i’m the director of instructional technology at a small liberal arts school in western Massachussets (Simon’s Rock). One of our computer science professors came across github for education and is interested in using it for all of the classes she teaches. I see that there are resources here aimed at both students and faculty, but so far as i can tell nothing admin-specific. I would like to know how to go about setting up LDAP authentication for our professors and students. There is some information on this out in the wider github universe, but if someone is able to weigh in on how exactly it might work (has anyone else done this yet?) in this education subdomain, we’d very much appreciate it. Will it be possible to do with just the free offering? If not, what would be the cost for our school to get set up this way? (funds are pretty tight, but if it’s not excessive, it’s possible we could get approval to spend money) Obviously these last questions are probably best directed at github staff rather than just users, and if it’s easier to talk vs. posting here or emailing and anyone wants to call, my office phone # is 413-528-7344.

thanks so very much in advance for any info,