Troubleshooting Adding TAs as Admins to Classroom

I have been trying to add teaching assistants as administrators to a classroom. They are part of the organization. After I give them the link to visit it always returns a page saying the page you are looking for does not exist. Am I missing something about the process?

I believe they have accepted invitations to assignments. I wonder if that is somehow preventing them from being added?

Might there be a solution if so, or would this be considered a bug (which I would be happy to file)?

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Hi Chris,

It looks like you added your TA’s, but they are not owners of the Organization which they need to be in order to access GitHub Classroom.

This guide should help you walk through that process.

If after you upgrade them to owner status and they still cannot see the classroom, please let me know.


@clwyatt hope this solves your issue (thanks @tarebyte).

Tweaked the title of the thread for other teachers to discover in the future…

Sorry I should have read closer. It clearly says "as an Owner ".