Too many email announcements for each HW repo

My class has 80 students in it, and every time I set a new assignment, I get 80 separate emails telling me that my students have each (individually) created their repo.

I’ve tried changing various settings, but nothing seems to turn off the emails. Does anyone have success turning off the email announcements associated with each student creating a new HW repo?



:wave: @hardin47:

My colleague @MikeMcQuaid wrote this :star2: post about managing email notifications:

@mozzadrella after looking through that guide, I don’t think it addresses the email notification for when a student imports an assignment, which is the bulk of Classroom email notifications. Is there a solution for these specific notifications?

Thanks for the great post! But yeah, it doesn’t really help me with the large number of emails from course repos. Any alternative suggestions are still welcome. :slight_smile:

@hardin47 @jfiksel let me do some digging. Stay tuned. :sparkles:

OK so this notification comes through GitHub itself, not the Classroom app.

Would suggest creating a filter in your email client and sending to archive.

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Yeah, that seems like the best solution for now. Maybe longer term GitHub will have more nuanced settings. Thanks!

I agree and would mostly like to turn this off, but sometimes it’s fun to see how close to (or after!) the deadline students start their assignments :slight_smile:

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Fun … to the extent that you don’t have over a hundred students in your section. In my specific case, this is their first long programming course, and many have not yet developed time management skills. Their previous coursework has unfortunately given many the bad habit of “I can procrastinate until Sunday afternoon for a ‘Sunday at midnight’ deadline”.

Seeing otherwise very talented young students decimate their grades on account of late penalties is not enjoyable to me at all.

Anyways, back on topic … +1 for the feature request to allow finer granularity of notifications on Github Classrooms repos. I don’t care about the notifications to the same extent that I do on my open source research work. I would prefer not to have to filter all Github notifications at the email client level … but that’s where I am right now.

There definitely needs to a feature added to reduce the number of emails for git classroom.

I created a gmail filter for anything related to classroom repos.