Teams formed on Classroom vs.

Hello. I share course materials (code, notes, images, etc) by placing them in repos and posting links to those repos in a schedule page. As I understand it, everyone in my organization had access to those repos.
At some point I created a few teams for team-based projects. I modified the settings for the team repos so that everyone on the team had access to the repos for that team.
Now I’m learning that a number of students are now getting 404 errors when attempting to access the repos containing the course materials.
I suspect this is related to the teams that I created. Can anyone confirm or refute this? And where can I learn how teams actually work?
Thank you!
Bob Muller

@dogfishbar here are the enterprise docs for teams:

Did you create the teams in Or in Classroom?

Hi. In Classroom. Thank you.

:wave:@dogfishbar. See answer here: Using Existing Teams in Group Assignments?

Hello Vanessa, I’m sure you’re very busy so I’m sorry that I don’t
understand how the related topics explain what is happening in my case. I
created an organization BC-CSCI1103 and a Classroom, I invited all of my
students to join. So far so good. I’ve been sharing private repos with them
containing lecture materials, as I understand it, the “private” means that
only members of the BC-CSCI1103 organization can see them. It all seemed to
work fine. Then we had so pair projects and I wanted to make some repos
visible only to two people. So I made TEAMS and populated them with the
teammates and I changed the projections on the team repos so that only the
team members could see them. Sometime after that, most students can no
longer see the BC-CSCI1103 repos containing the lecture materials.
I have no idea why.
Thank you,

:wave: @dogfishbar my hunch is that you’ve co-mingled team functionality in with the team functionality in Classroom.

If you made TEAMS and populated them with team mates, then that sounds like you used the Team functionality on

GitHub Classroom’s flow is that students opt-in to groups on their side, teachers don’t assign them from that interface. I’ve looked up your Classroom, and the only teams that you’ve made in Classroom are TAs.

My suggested fix atm is that since you only have 5 teams in, go into their repositories and add them as collaborators manually. Then everyone who needs to see things can see them.

In the future, use the group assignments in Classroom versus Teams map from Classroom to 1:1, but the teams formed on don’t flow back to Classroom.

Let me know if that takes care of your issue.

Thank you Venessa, your assessment of the situation was correct. Now that
you’ve told me, I’ll know what to do next semester. But I have to admit,
it’s not especially intuitive. But thanks though!

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After reading this post I am more confused than ever (largely because of the unintuitive interface) about where to do anything. Can you help?

  1. I see “Rosters” of students, somewhere there are apparently “Groups” or “Teams” but don’t know if these are all the same thing or not. No clear explanation anywhere I can find.

  2. I have a classroom…how do I manage “Teams”, “Groups” or “Rosters” or whatever is required to make a group project with specific students in it.

Thank you