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Hello Folks, I need some advise please. I will be launching an online school very soon to offer training in Cloud including AWS & Azure. I would like to offer GitHub training as well to my students online, colleges & schools in my community.

I was reading about how to to Become a GitHub Campus Expert and not sure how that can be applied to my online training school. Please note, I used to teach at DeVry University in the past, but currently during this pandemic, I only train students & clients privately via my online platform - the concept is somewhat similar to Udemy.com but I do get more involved via Webnars as well to walk my students thru the whole process and I also provide online videos including documentation and course material.

It would be very helpful to have some type of support from GitHub whether thru some sort of certifications, training or other means in hopes I can gain trust from my students that I have the right knowledge & skills to teach GitHub technology.

Please note, I am not looking for a discount as being Student or Instructor, but rather to gain some CREDIBILITY while I am offering some IT courses online including GitHub.

Your input & advise are much appreciated.


Hi @cloudmorocco,

I did the GitHub Campus Advisor Training but used GitHub Classroom for my lectures before that. I found that my students did not question my credibility in terms of Git and GitHub knowledge and I guess they quickly realized that I know my way around the technology. I did create a few tutorial videos beforehand so I guess that helped as well.

But if you’re looking some kind of official “certification” then I guess the campus advisor training is for you.


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@cloudmorocco GitHub Campus Advisor Training is a good way to start in Git. As there is lots of online training platform. Try something which integrates the potential of Git with your online platform and make the learns to work in a collaborative environment.

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