Teacher's Swag

Hello Everyone!

I’m Nishant, CS Faculty From Keshav Mahavidyalaya College in Delhi. I teach about HTML, CSS, Python and Java at there till intermediate level. When, I told students about GitHub Teachers’s Swagbox which included Stickers, CheatSheet, Booklets and many more. They got very excited and a word spread around the college. Students starting enrolling in the Freshers Course, It had 35 students earlier. Now, it’s over 143 students and counting. New Students are also requesting for Swags. I can see that GitHub Swagbox is encouraging them to learn to get awarded. This is a good thing

I already availed it few days ago, Can I get them again. I need it for around 120 students because that’s the maximum capacity for this semester. 108 students already signed up for the course.


@github-staff Can You Please Look Into It. I haven’t received a follow up on this