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Hello teachers!

I’m Scott, GitHub Education Community Manager.

My GitHub handle is sanicki.

I live in Arizona :cactus: :sunny:

My interests include travel :airplane_small:, gadgets :robot:, and reading :books:

How about you?

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Hey folks,

Welcome to the new GitHub Education Community.

I’m John, Education Liaison at GitHub. You can find me around the internet as @johndbritton, including on GitHub.

My background is a mix of education and technology: aside from my work as a software developer I’ve been involved in textbook publishing, the open education movement, and developer relations. I love teaching and learning, especially programming and other topics in technology. I’ve taught courses on Git, web development with Ruby on Rails, and more general courses on how the internet works.

Some of the projects I’ve been involved with at GitHub include:

I’d love to hear about your favorite resources for teaching programming:


Hello! I teach web design and development at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. (Go Cavs!) I’m looking for ways to integrate use of GitHub in the classroom to introduce my students to source code management and working as a team earlier in the curriculum.

I have a background in Software Development and UX Design. I’ve been teaching for 7 years, the last 3 years full time. I look forward to getting to know all of you!



I’m a teacher at the École de Technologie Supérieure university in Québec, Canada. I’ve been on the GitHub educational program as soon as it started! My class is fully integrated with GitHub, with assignments put there in private repositories for students and semester-long projects in team repositories.

Unlike many school projects, each team builds a web app in their technology of their choice and have to integrate between each other. For example, one team building an e-commerce website will have to process payment through another team’s banking API. Every project is deployed on Heroku thanks to its integration with Github, making it a pretty awesome ecosystem!

The public part of the class’ organization can be found here, with some demos I share to the students https://github.com/gti525

Keep on rocking!


Hello everyone,

I’m Andrew and I work at the New York State Museum as Digital Media Artist & Designer. While technically not an teacher/educator currently I have taught classes and workshops on everything from Circus Arts to Final Cut Pro to Intro Programming (mostly JS & Max/MSP). I’m so glad to see this forum come up, basically my whole family are educators so we constantly are talking about better ways to get technology and programming into the education curriculum and how to make it meaningful.

I wish I had more time to spend with programming as you’ll probably see from my repos which are old and dusty. My other passions outside of art and tech, are reading, gaming, and spending time outside w/ my gf and our pup.


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I teach Web Technology, C Programming, Database Management Systems and Mobile Application Devleopment in Nepal College of Information Technology, Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal.

I use github to share notes, assignments and other stuffs with my students.

These are the two github pages links I currently use:


Hey everyone!

I’m Zeke. I’m the Academic Director of Fullstack Academy in Chicago. At Fullstack we use github every day.

Its great to see Github launching this! Happy to connect with all of you.



Hi, I’m Zach Feldman, Chief Academic Officer of the New York Code + Design Academy in NYC. I think this is a great idea and we’re glad to be involved! Let’s help the students get ahead!


I teach a computational (biology) class–there’s really not that much biology, so I have students from many departments-at the University of Florida. We use GitHub for some assignments and to get students started with good habits as the learn Bash and Python scripting.


Hi everyone!

I’m Sébastien, CTO at Le Wagon, a coding bootcamp for creative minds. You can find me on Twitter or GitHub as @ssaunier :wink:

I’ve been a web developer for some time now, and for the three last years I had the privilege to teach web development to amazing entrepreneurs. We started small back in 2014 with 16 people in Paris and now we are in 15 cities and still growing :slight_smile:

Our approach of teaching is top down, staying in the highest layer (read the opposite of teaching assembler) possible to achieve results quick enough. We are not trying to replicate a Major in Computer Science. This way students can build MVPs with Ruby on Rails in a few days, it’s very exhilarating for them. Before joining Le Wagon, a lot of them spent months trying to find a technical co-founder and were always frustrated of not being able to understand the technical bit.

I think this is the best achievement in technical education. Give some tools to creative minds, sit back and watch what they manage to do with them!


I’m Chad Killingsworth (chadkillingsworth). I teach Advanced Internet Programming for the CS departement at Missouri State University. I utilize github for all assignments and grading.


Hi everybody!

I’m Tommy Duek, Director and Head Instructor at App Academy NYC.

At App Academy, all of our curriculum (full stack web dev on Ruby on Rails and React) is on GitHub and our students push all their work to GitHub too.

This is such an awesome idea! Excited to collaborate!





Here at Uniandes, we teach (1) programming, (2) software engineering and (3) web development using Github. We use private repositories for the assignments to the students and for semester-long projects. In addition, we use Gitbook to create content in Github repositories and the Github pages to host that content.


Hi everyone,

I teach back end (mostly LAMP stack) web development at Hetic in Paris, France.

I integrated GitHub with pretty much everything we do, assignments, group projects, documentation. I also use GitHub to publish some open source projects developed as examples or inspiration for my students.

I spend most of my time coding :desktop:, reading :book:, learning :blue_book: and socializing :beers: . I’m @Bunkermaster on twitter and PhpBunker on GitHub.

Cheers y’all!



I’m Carol Kinnard and I am a software developer and curriculum writer for Project Lead The Way. We are a non-profit that provides STEM curriculum to K-12 students. We use github in our computer science curriculum and I look forward to working with this group!


Hello everyone!

My name is Martin, I am the programme director for Computer Science at Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara.

My GitHub handle is mmoscosa, I live in Guadalajara

My interests include travel :airplane_small:, gadgets :iphone: :, and reading :books:

Am trying to encourage all my students to use Github for their classes, pet projects and ideas they might have.

I am working with companies together with myself to offer students workshop on Github usage. However it is surprisingly dificult to find good workshops for my students; how did everyone managed this?


Hello guys, I am Alex Soto (@dalexsoto) and I love teaching about Xamarin/Git. My interest are gadgets, food, travel and find funny ways to express somenthing in code.


Hello Guys

My name is Joel Jaime and I am software developer since 10 years ago, now I have 15 students active in the development of web applications.

I am from Dominican Republic, I have 26 years and may meet as @jblandino in Github.

My interests are to contribute to a better society through information technologies and traveling around the world


Hey! I’m Max (@maxharp3r) from GroupLens Research, the social computing/HCI research lab at the University of Minnesota. One interesting project that I work on is MovieLens, a movie recommender. We love studying the human side of recommendation technology.

I’m going to be teaching internet technologies in the fall to a group of about 50 undergrad and grad students. We’re going to cover static site generators (hexo), node + express + mongo, react, and ionic. We will use github to collaborate as teams and to turn in assignments. I’m excited! Thanks, github, for your support.

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