👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Eddie Rangel) #168

Hello everybody! :wave:

I’m Eddie Rangel from Bakersfield, CA. :sunny:

I’ve been a part time CS Lecturer for the last few years at both 2 year & 4 year institutions. This Fall I will be transitioning to a full time CS Professor gig at Bakersfield College. My focus currently is on the first year set of CS Courses where I also hope to introduce version control via Git and GitHub.

Cheers! :beers:

-Eddie Rangel

(Ricardo Montañana Gómez) #169

Hello everybody!

I’m Ricardo Montañana, computer science teacher in Albacete Spain.

I’m using github since 2012 and I believe this campus will be a great help for teachers around the world.


(Julio Tentor) #170

I am Julio Tentor, Data Structures professor at Faculty of Engineering at National University of Jujuy (Argentina).
I will use git / github with students to do some little projects related to programing technics and tools.
I need to learn how to use this tool in teaching stages.

(Miguel Ángel Fernández) #171

Hi there,

I’m Miguel Angel, teacher at devscola, a cooperative school in Valencia (Spain) where we teach for free web development with Ruby and RoR. The goal of devscola is help people to learn enough programming that they can take an internship job as web developer.
Our materials are public on Trello
Our github
And we created a mooc in spanish of programming 101:

Nice to meet you all!

(Tomer Libal) #172


My name is Tomer Libal and I’m a lecturer in the American University of Paris. I plan to use the github classroom for teaching a Software Engineering course based on Armando Fox and David Patterson SaaS book.


(Rody Middelkoop) #173


My name is Rody Middelkoop. I am a software engineering lecturer at the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

We use GitHub for several purposes:

  • Students work on assignments in private repositories
  • Lecturers share coding-examples in multiple branches (start code with instructions in Markdown format and end result)
  • Share results of student projects with an open source license.

You can find me on Twitter as @rodmidde and on GitHub as @rodymiddelkoop (educational account) or @rodmidde (private account).

(Bruce Caraway) #174

Howdy All!

I’m Bruce and I teach web design, intro to Programming (with Python), WordPress, MS Office and whatever else they throw my way at Lone Star College - University Park!

I’m starting my fifth year of teaching in Higher Ed and I love it!

I want bring GitHub into my classroom both for my students to learn and to help me maintain my own courseware.

My GitHub handle is BruceCaraway.

Looking forward to learning more!


(Npnzsue) #175

Hi everyone,
I’m Suzanne, Head of IT at my school.
You will see me as npnzsue

I live in New Zealand
My interests include orienteering, playing clarinet in my city’s orchestra and belong to a knitting circle.

(David Green) #176


I am a Professor at UAB teaching in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I teach software engineering and oversee our engineering design capstone experience.


(David Leuliette) #177

Hello there !

My name is David aka flexbox on GitHub and Twitter

My nindo in life is sharing my knowledge and best-practices. This is why I work in my old university with my course “git & GitHub 101”. My students don’t know how to work together, I learn them the famous gitflow :rocket:

Sometimes I work for @ssaunier as Front-end teacher for lewagon — The famous ruby on rails bootcamp :smiley: #weAreLegion


(Christoph Matthies) #178


My name is Christoph (@chrisma on Github).
I’m a Ph.D. student at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany and interested in how teams of software developers can work together efficiently and how tools can help them in doing so.
I am part of the teaching team for our course Software Engineering II where students learn how to develop software in a hands-on team of teams setting.

Github is used heavily throughout the course as a collaboration platform. Everything that is created is open source (github.com/hpi-swt2)

(Ms Mlong) #179

Hello all!
I’m Michelle Long; Alumni Relations Manager at FIRST

We have a series of four after-school team-based Programs to introduces and inspire youth to pursue STEM Education and Careers:
FIRST LEGO League Jr (K-4th)
FIRST LEGO League (4-8)
FIRST Tech Challenge (7-12)
FIRST Robotics Competition (9-12)

GitHub has been a great partner at our high school levels as our Participants tackle coding challenges; and even created a great video!

My role at FIRST is to work with our participants as they become Alumni and pursue their post-high-school goals whether education (The FIRST Scholarship Program), internships or networking opportunities.

I’m happy to share how to find/get involved with FIRST Teams, and how our Teams are empowered to be successful via GitHub!

(Geoffrey Ryan) #180

Hi! I’m Geoff, astrophysics grad student at NYU. I’ll be using GitHub to run our Computational Physics class this fall!

(Richard Davis) #181

Hey! I’m Richard, and I’m an instructor at Launch Academy. Our goal is to teach students of the program how to become competent Web Developers, and then, help them get jobs. I’ve been doing this for two years now, and I love it.

We :heart: Ruby :gem:, Rails, JavaScript, React, HTML, and Sass.

(Bethrichtsmeier) #182

Hi all! I am Beth and am an instructor at Meridian Technical CHS. I teach computer science and web development. We have used github for the last couple years but want to refine our use to be more effective.

(Hein Meling) #183

Hi there,

I’m Hein Meling, and I teach Operating Systems (and Distributed Systems) at the University of Stavanger, Norway. I’ve been using github for my courses for several years now (I think since 2012 or something).

We have used our own education platform called Autograder connecting to github. It is a combined/integrated sign up for courses and web server and continuous integration system for running teacher written tests. It is available here: https://github.com/hfurubotten/autograder

It’s worked nicely, but we have lacked a little on time to maintain it as of late. It works ok for us so far with some small hiccups. It is written in Go; if anyone wants to pick up on this, that would be great.

Anyway, when I get time I’ll take a closer look at github classroom and other things available here now.

:slight_smile: Hein

(Professor Colin Turner) #184

Hello Everyone,

I’m Colin Turner, I teaching C++ and Python to our Engineering students at Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

I was hoping to get them into using GitHub last year, but unfortunately our students end up using different machines most weeks and the (Windows Client) software installs a private key on a specific machine. I’m looking at auto mounting a user directory to get around this problem.

I know I could get them to access things with a key agent and so on, but I was trying to make it as easy as GitHub is on a single machine.

More work on it this year, but if anyone has bright ideas…


(Fulvio Corno) #185

HI, I’m a Computer Engineering professor at Politecnico di Torino, in Italy, and my github username is fulcorno
I am teaching two courses, by extensively using GitHub resources:

  • Ambient Intelligence: students must develop a prototype intelligent ambient system, using IoT devices, smart home devices, mobile devices, and all sorts of Web APIs and middleware. We create a GitHub organization for every course year, and a repository for every student group. Software development must be done on GitHub, and the project must be presented on GitHub Pages. Some of the latest projects are ami-2016.github.io or ami-2015.github.io
  • Tecniche di Programmazione (Programming techniques), where I teach Java ‘advanced’ programming to management students. We create JavaFX applications, with a JDBC+MySQL backend, to interface with realistic data-sets and write algorithms using collections, graphs and recursion. All lab exercises, exams, and in-classroom exercises are shared on GitHub. Note: we tried to use Classroom for the lab exercises, but we found it too buggy (as of April 2016).

Happy teaching, and share the love for computer engineering!

(pixelkind) #186

Hej all together,

I am Garrit and I am a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (Germany) at the media faculty. The last years I have taught mobile development for the iOS plattform. In the next semester I will teach creative coding for the first semester of Interactive Media Design, an interdisciplinary study.

When I am not a lecturer I am a freelancer :slight_smile:


(Jacek Wasilewski) #187

Hi all,

I am Jacek, originally from Poland but living in Ireland. I am a lecturer at Griffith College Dublin and a demonstrator at University College Dublin where I am working on my PhD. I teach programming paradigms (especially functional programming and Scala), cloud services and big data-related modules. I use GitHub for tracking progress of students’ assignments, measuring their engagement and solving problem by being able to share code easily.

Happy GitHub-ing!