👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Andreas Sandskär) #1754

I teach in adult education a front end boot camp (from nothing to proficient angular 7 in 23 weeks) with two other teachers. We use GitHub for hand ins and help our students build a portfolio to show off later when looking for work. This is in Helsingborg Sweden.

(Jurandy Soares) #1755


My name is Jurandy. :man_teacher: I’ve taught programming, computer networks, and system administration at IFRN (Brazil). Besides tech stuffs, I :ice_skate: rollerblade and ride a bicycle :biking_man: (sometimes with an Yorkshire dog :dog: which made me fall twice). I’ve a 7 months baby :baby: who occupies my spare time.

That’s it!

(eChris) #1756

Hello everyone, the name is Christian, a developer and security engineer here in Liberia (Love working with python, dart/flutter/ javascript. Love learning, mentoring and teaching. A Nigerian by nationality but currently reside in Monrovia, Liberia.

(Summer) #1757

I’m Naomi. I’m a Canadian living in Norway.

I’m teaching a first-of-its-kind computer programming course here in Norway :slight_smile:

Looking forward to working with GitHub Education tools to make this the best class it can be.

(Tommy Pujol) #1758

Hi I am Tommy,
My GitHub user is TommyPujol06,
I’m interested in python , reading :open_book: and robotics :robot:

(Alothemlguy) #1760

Hello guys I am Alo Joel and I am a github campus advisor

I do Machine Learning

(BJ Selby) #1761

Hi all! I’m BJ Selby, an assistant professor of economics and econometrics at Emporia State University. I love reading, learning new technologies, and teaching. I also travel as much as I can!

(Asaolu Elijah) #1762

Hello everyone!

My name is Asaolu Elijah,

My GitHub handle is @AsaoluElijah I live in Nigeria

My interests include coding :computer: : swimming :ocean: , and reading :books:

(Víctor Ponz Artero) #1763

Hello teachers!

I’m Víctor Ponz, GitHub Education administrator at IES El Caminàs.

Hello with :heart: from Spain

(Shafiq Ahmed) #1764

Hi Githubbers!
I’m Shafiq Ahmed a Teacher in COMSATS University Islamabad Sahiwal Campus.
I live in Pakistan.
My interests include web development and software development of all kinds.
I always encourage my students to create new things that can contribute to our society.

(2bidy) #1765

i am Oluwatobi
From Nigeria
A programming tutor at Lautech
I am passionate about teaching and using technology to solve human needs.
I cant wait to learn fro you all

(Andrewpyper) #1766

Hi there,

I’m Andrew Pyper (andrewpyper), I’m going to be involved in helping to design and run co-curricular sessions in using github for undergraduate Computer Science students.

(Everardo Estrada) #1767

Hi there
I´m Everardo Estrada (EverardoEstrada) computer science teacher in the asignments of mobile programming, and visual programming at UASLP México
I´m passionate about programming and resolving human needs with technology

(Sgsultana) #1768

Hello. I am Simon Sultana, program director for Software Engineering and Computer Information Systems programs at Fresno Pacific University. Greetings from California’s Central Valley.

(Rinat) #1769

Hello guys!
I’m Rinat, Student.
My GitHub handle is rinat.
I am from Kyrgyzstan, I live in the city of Bishkek.
My interests include programming, watch anime, play video games and reading.

(Nwankwo Samuel) #1770

Hi, My name is Samuel from Nigeria, a CS student, new to software development

looking forward to having an amazing time here.

(Mayur Patil (मयूर पाटील)) #1771


This is @ramlaxman. I am Mayur S Patil, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Engg & Tech, MITAOE, Pune, MH, India. I used to teach Python and Shell scripting to students, I am really looking forward to build individual contributions from students’ side so that they can become independent contributor of open source.

Oh ! I like to teach in my mother-tongue i.e. Marathi and Hindi rather than English which is my hobby.

(Sathish G) #1772

Hi everyone!!! Good Morning!!!

My name is Sathish, Corporate Trainer - Technical @ Rathnavel Subramaniam College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.

My Github handle is g-sathish

I live in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

My interests are playing chess and writing blogs.

(Gatare Libère) #1773

Hello teachers,

I’m Libère, DSC/GDG/iHub Lead at Kabarak University.
My GitHub handle is gatarelib

I live in Kenya :kenya: and my interests include travel and music.

Glad to be here.

(Edison A) #1774

Hello fellow teachers!

I’m Edison, Software Developer and Instructor, who loves teaching Python and Github to newbies. I’m also a tech community leader and volunteer at Andela Uganda.

My GitHub handle is simicode .
I live in Uganda :slightly_smiling_face:, :uganda:. Apart from Volunteering, I also love Swmming, Rowing and Running.

Happy to Connect!