👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Akhil G Krishnan) #1734

Hi all,
I am Akhil G Krishnan, web developer and linux enthusiast. I am from Kerala India. I am a B-tech 3rd year computer science student in Providence College of Engineering ,Chengannur ,and also the student coordinator of ICFOSS which is foss development club. I conduct several workshops in my college on various topics. I am using Github for sharing my projects to public and for our students this will make lot of knowledge to our student.
I am so happy to become a part of Github comminity…
Thank You…

(Alan Rynne) #1735

Hi everyone!

I’m Alan Rynne, currently writing from Barcelona (Spain)!

I’m a Building Engineer and Computational Designer, and also an assistant teacher at the UPC university in Barcelona. :wink:

(Wolli) #1736

Ich bin Senior Wolli aus Germany mit leider sehr schlechtem Englisch.

Also Deutschsprachler bitte zuerst und erst dann Frauen und Kinder !


(Lumír 'Frenzy' Balhar) #1737


My name is Lumír Balhar and I am a Python software engineer. I organise Pyvo meetups, PyCon CZ in Ostrava and I also lead PyLadies beginners courses in Ostrava.

Because we know that developers have to know more than just coding, we are organizing Git workshops where we want to teach how to contribute to open source software on Github.

(Joel Bender) #1738


My name is Joel Bender (@JoelBender) and I am a Programmer/Analyst/Architect. I use GitHub for my open source projects, mostly related to Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Internet of Things (IoT). I’m interested in using Classroom to teach communications protocols and interoperability concepts and solutions.


(Andres Hernandez ) #1739

Hi there ,

I’m Andres Hernandez and I am a university teacher in Mexico. I teach robotics and computer vision for undergraduate mechatronics and robotics engineering students. In these courses, my students apply for the Student Developer Pack at GitHub to benefit from having a free account and from creating private repositories mainly.

In their private repositories, they upload their programming codes of each programming lab and add me as a collaborator. This facilitates the code revision process as I just clone their repos and run their codes or Jupyter notebooks on my computer. My revisions/recommendations are included in a new branch called revision.

The usage of GitHub has been accepted quite well by my students. Most of them now use GitHub to create repositories for other courses as well. I started this practice since Jan 2018 and now more and more students have signed up into GitHub to create and use repositories.

(Gustavo Gamboa) #1740

Hi colleagues!

I am Gustavo from Madrid. I am Java engineer and I teach on CICE School of new Technologies.
I am looking for new methods to integrate git on my studies programs on this school.

I am very happy to connect with all of you.


(Petri Salo) #1741


I am Petri from Finland. I work at HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences as a teaching assistant, where i guide first year student learning basics of programming and software project work. I also manage project work at our laboratory, where there are students from all stages of their studies working on real projects from companies and research groups.

I would like to integrate Git and GitHub as part of our project work on all stages of studies by teaching student to use Git and GitHub from very start of their studies whenever they collaborate on a project work.

(Marco Vicente) #1742

Hi, I’m Marco
I’m an IT Architect & Data Scientist who also gives software classes.
I live in Lisbon.

(Kundan) #1743

Hi !
I’m Kundan, Front-End Web Developer.
My GitHub handle is kundan28.
I live in India.
My interests include Game Development :video_game: and programming :scroll:
I teach different programming languages like C, C++, Core Java and other technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some more.
Thank you.

(Gary Yeung) #1744

Hello all other fellow teachers!

I am Gary from Vancouver, Canada :canada:.

I teach Object-Oriented Programming at Langara College in Vancouver, BC. I am looking to introduce Git and GitHub to help my students manage their final project.

I am looking to integrate GitHub with some senior level courses in the future.


(Myre) #1745


I’m Joe, a Professor in the Computer and Information Sciences Department at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, MN. When not teaching computer architecture I enjoy being outdoors and playing hockey.


(Michael Sedinam Korku Tenu) #1746

Hello Everyone,

I am Tenu Michael Sedinam from Ghana

My Github handle is @micsedinam

I live in Tema

My interests include technology, aviation and design

(Dsigur) #1747

Hello everyone, My name Dennis Sigur…I’m a computer science instructor at Dillard University in New Orleans, LA. I’m new to Github and excited about learning more.

(Jbellidoutec) #1748


I’m Jesus, professor in Computer Science at UTEC - Peru. I live in Lima-Peru and I am teaching software engineering.

(Rosepetal) #1749

Im rosepetal. I want to jump into team collaboration with Github and will need to find out best practices to manage a several teams working on the same project

(Rafael Monterroza) #1750

Hi. I’m Rafael from Cartagena, Colombia. I’m a computer systems engineer and a teacher at a University and want to use Git and Github with my students. Thanks for this opportunity to learn about all these great tools.

(Muhammet Fatih Doğan) #1751

Hello from Turkey!

Me and my undergraduate student group are developing educational applications on PHP and JAVA.

We would like to experience the benefits github will provide to our work.


(Misswynne) #1752


I’m Megan and I’m based in Sheffield, UK :smile:

I’m a trainee teacher so lots to learn, so can’t wait to use all the materials here. Starting a coding club next week at the school I’m at where we’ll be starting with basic HTML

(Rahul Ranjan) #1753

Hello Folks!!
I am Rahul Ranjan, a 3rd year undergraduate and research assistant at IIIT Manipur (India), having major in Computer Science and Engineering and for me sharing is love I regularly take classes for Github Education and Open source in my college and have educated more than 250 students in my college as well as near by colleges by organising seminars on Github and Open source. I am an active contributor in various open source organisation. I have also published to research papers in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

I have invited at Harvard University for talk twice a year and have attended various International conferences and summits. I would like help more people/students in growing so that Everyone grow together with full potential.
My github link - https://github.com/imrrahul