👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Utkarsh Upadhyay) #1714

Hello! I teach web design and development at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India. I’m a instructor at my college teaching web design, firebase and Machine learning models and helping them to work as a team by forming organizations on github to make them learn about the code integerations and team work to complete their project!.

I have a background in Software Development, UX Design, Web Dev and ML. I’ve been teaching for a year now as a student. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

(Therealbenturnbull) #1715

Hey all,
My name is Ben Turnbull and I’m a Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, in Australia. I teach a few IT and cyber security courses.
I’ve used Github on and off for years, but we are retiring the old internal git server, and Github is great!

(F Bleeker) #1716

Hey all,
My name is Frans Bleeker i live in Holland and I teach some IT courses.
I am new to Github.

(John Furcean) #1717

Hello! I teach a summer computer programming internship for high school students at Michigan State University’s St. Andrews facility.

(Waleed El-Badry) #1718

I’m Waleed from Egypt. I teach both undergraduate and graduate mechatronics students. GitHub has been the best place to have an interactive projects with my students in a very organized way.

I am glad to be part of educators here. Thanks

(Subramanya Vajiraya) #1719

Hello everyone,

I’m Subramanya, Solutions Designer/DevOps Lead at Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor (Education), UNSW Sydney. You can find me on Twitter or Github as @svajiraya :wink:

I’ve been in IT Sector for a little over 7 years. I have worked in most areas of IT (Support, Development, Infrastructure, Security, Architecture) and now I’m managing a team specialising in Cloud Computing and Educational Intelligence at the University of New South Wales. I have a Masters in IT from UNSW specialised in Internetworking and Bachelor of Engineering from VTU India specialising in Information Science and Engineering.

I’m an Academic Staff for COMP9900 Course this semester at UNSW with over 180 students enrolled in the Course. Students in this course tackle real-world problems in Higher Education Industry and build projects as part of the final assessment. We have employed over 120 students in our department over the past 3 years to work with us as “Student as partner” where they work with University Employees and assist us with our projects bringing in their ideas and perspectives.

In my opinion this is the best thing a University can do to help students advance their career, gain valuable experience and Help the university build projects which benefits next generation of students.

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(Mandy Neumann) #1720

Hi, I’m Mandy and I’m a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. I’m planning to make use of GitHub Classrooms for next semester’s data modeling with Python course. We’ll see how it works out. :slight_smile:

(Levi Sterling) #1721


I’m Levi, Academic Technology Services Director for SMU Guildhall, the #1 Game Design Program in the Nation.

I love Video Games :video_game: Cooking :man_cook: Pearl Jam :musical_note: and Audio Books :sound::open_book:

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(James Munroe) #1722

Hi all! I’m James from Memorial University of Newfoundland. I’ve used GitHub for a few course in scientific computing and computational physics courses. It it is nice to learn some of the best practices for using the GitHub Education platform with my students.

(Anthony Berent) #1723

Hi, I am Anthony, from London, England. I am a former software engineer and now retraining as a computing teacher. I know git and github well from my career as a software engineer, so seeing github for education appearing it looked worth investigating for possible future use in the classroom.

(Fernando Bevilacqua) #1724

Hi all! I’m Fernando from the Federal University of Fronteira Sul, in Brazil. I teach at the Computer Science program and I would like to broaden the use of git among students (and teachers as well).

(Florian Reichl) #1725

Hello everyone,
I’m Florian from Heinrich-Thein-Schule in Haßfurt, Bavaria.
I teach computer science with a focus on web applications. Most of the time I teach JavaScript and TypeScript. But I have classes on Linux, too.
I’d like to use Git and GitHub in the future together with my students and colleagues.

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(Waleed El-Badry) #1726

I am Waleed, An assistant lecturer in college of engineering :nerd_face:
My GitHub handle is wbadry
I currently live in Egypt :egypt:
I love gaming :video_game: , coding :computer: and learning :books:

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(Chetan Kumar) #1727

Hi there,
I am Chetan Kumar, Student of computer science.
I am self taught programmer. Currently doing web development & deep learning enthusiast.
Learning is key thing for my every breath.
Hope we will able to make better connections.

(Ola Yusuf) #1728

Hello Teachers,
My name is Yusuf,
From Nigeria,
I Love to travelling. :airplane:
Am happy to join this Awesome Community.

(Ishapathaktripathi) #1729

Hi everyone,

I’m Isha Tripathi, a professor at Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota, India. I teach Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Virtualization.

We are trying out GitHub and GitHub classroom in our resident technical club for projects and workshops.

(Rose T) #1730

Hi folks,

I am a high school computer science teacher in New York and a guest lecturer at a nearby college two nights a week. I have been teaching for 19 years, the last 10 have been exclusively computer science and web development. From Intro to CS through AP CS A, students aged 14 to 18, mixed abilities.

I was introduced to github via CS50 for AP two years ago. I want to incorporate it more and need to increase my comfort level. None of my students have access to a command line, so I am exclusively using Eclipse with Git, or Visual Studio with Git.

Getting ready for a week break, thought I would spend some of it watching tutorials and getting better acquainted.

All the best,

(Steve) #1731

Hi, I’m Steve Bitner. I am an Assistant Professor in my first year at the University of West Florida. I am a long time user of GitHub coming back to academia after a 9 year stint in industry. I have been using GitHub and GitHub Classroom in my courses and generally love the experience and the exposure it gives to students.

(José María García) #1732

Hi all!

I’m Jose M. Garcia. I’m an Associate Professor at the University of Seville, in Spain. In my research group we all use extensively GitHub for our research projects and for students work on our software engineering and devops related courses. Currently I’m preparing a big overhaul of a course on configuration management and software processes, so I am quite enthusiastic with using GitHub at its full potential with my students :slight_smile:


(Younes Charfaoui) #1733

Hello there, I’m Younes charfaoui From Algeria, 21 years old.

My GitHub is Younes-Charfaoui, and I’m an Android and Machine Learning developer, I love traveling, traveling and also traveling :smiley:

I teach different topic in my university such us Machine Learning and Android Development, And I participate to give workshops and Conference here in my university.