👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Piyush Mehta) #1692

Hey, I’m Piyush Mehta from India>
I’ve taught people full stack development. I’ve got a keen interest in Git and GitHub.
is my GitHub profile.

These days I’m making a course on “How to be a better coder”

(Umangshuklait) #1693

@tomasBustamante thanks

(Nikhil ps) #1694

I’m Nikhil PS, event coordinator of All India Hackathon organized as a part of Vyvidh’19 (a techno-cultural fest) at Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thalakottukara, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

I’m a student developer, Runner-up of SIH 2018 (Smart India Hackathon) Hardware edition organized by Central Govt of India. I’m also an active opensource developer with backgrounds in Android, embedded programming, and several scripting languages.

(Ccoble1) #1695

Excited to be here! I’m a 7th grade Science teacher from California (Outside Sacramento). I am interested in hosting an Advanced Coding club where students can take their programming skills to another level.
I’m excited to participate in this program and learn some new stuff.

(ayyüce kızrak) #1696

Hi everyone!

I am Electronics and Communication Engineer and academian at Halic University in Istanbul, Turkey. : :mortar_board: Currently a Ph.D. candidate at Yıldız Technical University, Institute of Science, Electronics, and Communication Engineering Program. :books:

Co-founder of the Deep Learning Turkey community that aims to accelerate its artificial intelligence to work in Turkey. :robot:

I am also a deep learning instructor with the “Deep Learning with Python” (in Turkish) course at Udemy . :raising_hand:

:globe_with_meridians: More information: http://www.ayyucekizrak.com/en/about/

See you around!

(Anas KHCHAF) #1697

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m a software developer from France and a teaching assistant at Science Po Paris.

I am planning to introduce software versionning on my school program.

Best Regards,

(Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew) #1699

Hello everyone!

I’m Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew. I’m a teacher at the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University in Thailand.

I’m teaching courses about web application development and mobile app development. Git and Github are ones of the essential tools that I want my students to learn so that they are well prepared for working in the software industry.

My GitHub handle is krunapon .

Thank everyone who develops and maintain git and GitHub. Thanks also to the GitHub education community.

(Morteza Taghaddomi99) #1700

anyone can help me to build a class? it has access problem

(elverton fazzion) #1701


My name is Elverton. I am a teacher and researcher at Federal University of São João del-Rei, Brazil.
I work with computer networks, with emphasis on Internet measurements.

I like GitHub very much and I want to bring the experience/practice to the classes of our department.
I think it will enrich the students’ knowledge and make easier for professors to prepare their assignments.

Best regards,

(D Lorenz) #1702

Hi everyone!

I’m Lorenzo. I teach Informatics’s Methods for Biologists at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. I have a background in Ecology, Evolution, Biology and Bioinformatics. The course is mainly focused on basic informatics knowledge, programming, data mining, databases, R language and GIS applications.

I’m also a researcher, I have developed a bunch of R packages/shiny applications and I’m involved in different EU projects. I use Git daily to track my work and I’m trying to spread its knowledge to my colleagues and to the students also!

(Mblanqueto) #1703
  • Hi !! I’m Mel BE. I’m a teacher at University of Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  • I live in Southeast of Mexico :sun_with_face: :ocean: :palm_tree:
  • My interest are reading, music, and travel.
  • I like teaching every time i’m at class.

(Alawrence85) #1704

Hello GitHub Ed Community!

I’m Anna, and I teach computer science to 9th through 12th graders during the school year and work with rising 2nd through 8th graders during the summer.

I teach a couple of intro CS electives, an honors level elective, AP CS, and AP CSP in addition to running a few creative CS camps for younger students.

I live in NC and love the :mountain_snow:

My hobbies include reading :books:, tinkering in my workshop :hammer_and_wrench:, CrossFit :weight_lifting_woman:, and traveling :compass:

(Patanamon Thongtanunam) #1705

Hi everyone,

I’m Patanamon. I’m a lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I will teach CS undergrad students and supervise a software engineering projects of postgrad students. The student research projects are also about to develop a GitHub app for supporting software developers.

Looking forwarding to learning from and contributing to GitHub community!


(Waqar Saleem) #1706

Hello, I am Waqar Saleem. I have been using GitHub Classroom for about 2 years now teaching CS courses at my university in Pakistan. I am visiting Pitzer College in California in Spring 2019 to teach CS courses and am naturally using GitHub Classroom here, too.

(Mighty Itauma) #1707

Hello, Educators!

I’m Mighty, I facilitate online courses at SNHU. I’ve used GitHub over the years and now recommending it for student collaboration. Exploring the benefits of GitHub Education. :slight_smile:

My GitHub handle is amightyo

I live in Michigan :snowflake:

My interest include travel :airplane: , figure skating :ice_skate: , and video editing :video_camera: .

Excited to be a part of this community.

Happy Coding! :coffee:

Mighty :smiley:

(SCDay) #1708

Hi Everyone!

I am Lecturer teaching data structures and web programming. I thought this would be a great way to get students introduced to real world tools for software development. I’m looking forward to learning how use github in the classroom!

(Mr Stanuga) #1709

Hi there
My name is Alex I’m a NSW TAS Teacher currently teaching IST (Information Software Technology). Been a little while since I’ve used GitHub, and I’m currently considering ways I might be eble to incorporate it into my lessons as a way of being able to see student work and provide feedback.

My interests: love hiking, camping, Fine art, drawing and web design

(gians) #1710

Hi everybody,

I’m Giansalvo from Italy. I’m a software engineer and after working in the private secotr as a software developers, I’ve been teaching computer science in high school for some years now. In my spare time I like to code and collaborate with some open source project. I’m planning to teach with GitHub to the students in the current year.

Happy coding!

(Talipov S.N.) #1711

Hello to all!
My name is Sergey Talipov
I am a university teacher from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan!
My study materials are here: https://github.com/tsnsoft
Personal projects: https://github.com/proffix4?tab=repositories

(Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi) #1712

Hi all,

I’m Farhan, Senior Lecturer and GitHub Education Administrator for Perdana University - School of Data Sciences, Malaysia

My GitHub handle is farhansj.

I live in Malaysia

Thank you