👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Emmanuel M Nimurungi) #1672

Hi Xota am aware of scratch but i have never attended scratch conference

(Lucas Pedro Lopes) #1673

Olá Professores!
Sou Lucas Pedro, :man_student: acadêmico de Engenharia de Software e Licenciatura em Computação, Brasil.
Meu identificador no GitHub é lucaspedronet.
Eu moro em :house: Porto Nacional - TO e ministro um Curso de Extensão em Desenvolvimento de Aplicativos Móveis com a tecnologia web JavaScript e sua biblioteca React-Native no IFTO Campos Porto , quero dar aos meu alunos uma experiência real e profissional no desenvolvimento de app, conto com a ajuda dessar poderosa ferramenta que é GitHub para alcançar tal finalidade.
Entusiasmado com essa rede educadores dev, ansioso para aprender cada dia mais com essa comunidade.


(Xota) #1674

I know you never attended, I organized some of these conferences :slight_smile: And, generally speaking, Africa is underrepresented at events like that. I just wanted to put in on your radar. Scratch2017bdx.org/nairobi and scratch2017bdx.org/africa are other entry points

Cheers, Joek van Montfort

(Emmanuel M Nimurungi) #1675

Thanks Joek, I will surely attend.

(Kerollos Magdy) #1676

Hello GitHub community, I’m teaching problem solving for programming contests in ACM SCU.
Happy to be here in this amazing community.
You can check my GitHub rofile here kerolloz.
Thank you! :smile:

(Umberto Michelucci) #1677

my name is Umberto Michelucci and I am teaching Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at two universities here in Switzerland in Zürich.
Best, Umberto

(P Buda) #1678

Hello all,

My name is Pawel Buda and I teach Computer Careers at South Central College, a small community college in Minnesota, US.

I used Git and GitHub a bit with my students in the past but without the GitHub Education Community. I want to better prepare myself for teaching with Git and make sure my students have a solid understanding and experience with Git and so I am here!



(Yakin Rubaiat) #1679

Hey there!

I’m from Bangladesh. I’m an open source advocate. I’m always looking for ways to contribute to open source communities via GitHub or StackOverflow.

(Maddocash) #1680

Hey People,

I have been coding 14 months and having been through the School of Code bootcamp (Birmingham, UK) and working in a consultancy ever since I am now teaching the next cohort - so it been a whirlwind year.
I look forward to getting more and different type of people into this rewarding career.

In my spare time I like to climb!

(Silvia Gutiérrez) #1681

Hi there,
I’m Silvia Gutiérrez (silviaegt on Github)
I’m the Digital Humanities Librarian at El Colegio de México :robot::books: and co-founder of RLadiesCDMX in Mexico City :purple_heart::computer: .
I teach R for Text Mining :spiral_notepad: , how to edit Wikipedia :open_book: , and methods for non discrete data in the Humanities.
I love this community, and I’m always up to learn new things especially related to natural language processing :speech_balloon:.

(Jonbackus) #1682

Hi All,

My name is Jon Backus. I’m an adjunct professor at Syracuse University :tangerine: and have been teaching an advanced front-end web development class for the past few semesters. We cover HTML, CSS, web accessibility, JavaScript, and AngularJS. I’ve been using GitHub Classroom for the past year plus.

During the day, my full-time job is as a Full-Stack Web Developer at a technology company in the college sports industry.

(Sidney de Koning) #1683

Hi All,

My name is Sidney de Koning and I coach/teach our interns at Disney Streaming Services in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This apprenticeship lasts for 20 weeks. The first 4 weeks is their training phase and included is a Git module. We have colleagues explain stuff and we want to have more structure in the Git curriculum we teach. We’ve been using git several years now. Looking forward to learning from you,


(Sjain1234) #1684

Hello Everyone,

This is Somya , working as Assistant Professor Sr. Grade in IEC college of engineering and Technology, Greator Noida

I’m from Delhi, India.

I teach Web Technology and Software Development here. My interests include Data Mining and Cloud computing.

Looking forward to get to know this awesome community and work with you guys.

(Ulcsf) #1685

Hey everybody…

I’m Simon, computer science teacher in south China, teaching IGCSE and A-level CS and just getting started with Git in the classroom! Have used it myself for a few little projects here and there and now looking to see if I can get students working with it so I can get rid of all the emails, file attachments and instant messages!

Happy coding!!

(Thomas Lenz) #1686

Hello folks!

I am Thomas, and I and my friend @FloHauser are taking CS while attending secondary education level 2 at a German gymnasium near Frankfurt/Cologne. Being head teaching fellows, we now started a multi-national project to develop a mobile app to reduce one’s plastic usage and to save our planet, one plastic bottle at a time. To achieve that goal, we asked everybody who’d like to learn how to code to join us and ended up teaching many people the basics of CS and collaboratively online working. We use git and GitHub to organize not only our code but also our roadmap and discussions. We are being partly funded by the EU’s very own Erasmus+ fond that allows us to meet up in February - we are very excited.

Thank you for helping us set up such an enormous project, GitHub education!
Happy coding everybody!

(Pierre-Antoine Delnatte) #1687

Hello all!

I’m Leny, one of the coaches/teachers at BeCode.

A small word about us :

BeCode is a new generation of training centers that offers a free IT training. The target group consists principally of school dropouts and unemployed people. 80% of BeCode’s learners find a job at the end of the training.
During 7 months and at a full-time rate, the learners are intensively trained to master web technologies, enabling them to develop websites, web applications and hybrid mobile applications.

We use and focuses on free and open-source products and technologies, and, of course, GitHub is our main tool to store code, projects and mainly everything with our learners.

Happy coding to all of you, I’m glad to be here!

(Carlos M.) #1688

My name is Carlos and I have 10 students active in an Android development course. You can find me as @carlosmuvi!

My interests include hinking, basketball, and of course, Android!

(Manoj S Nair) #1689

Hello everyone,

I am Manoj S Nair.
I am a faculty at Zoho University

I’m really excited be in this community.

(Tomás Bustamante) #1690

Hi everyone!

I’m a software developer from Argentina and a teaching assistant at the University of Buenos Aires in a course about object-oriented programming where we use Git and GitHub and are planning to use GitHub Classroom too.


(Umangshuklait) #1691

I’m working as an Assistant Professor 5 years of experience in both Teaching and IT Industry.
I have taught different Subjects at undergraduate level which includes Mobile application development, User Experience Design, AdvanceData Structures, Computer Network, different Programming Languages and Latest Trends in Computer Science. I’m mainly interested and working on Research and Development in upcoming trends in IT domain.

I’m also handling different profiles at the campus like Placement Coordinator, Final Year Project (IDP/UDP) Coordinator, Supervisor and Guide for students Projects and Design Engineering coordinator.

Colleagues know me as a self-motivated, good command communication skills, always ready to learn new things and a highly creative person who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach.

I have a Masters of Technology in Information Technology with CGPA 8.52 from Ganpat University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology with CGPA 8.51 from Gujarat Technological University.

I’m always interested in hearing from University, Researcher, Professor and IT Industry.

more details : profile