👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Ramshankar Yadhunath) #1651

Hi Everyone!

I’m Ramshankar from India, and I am an undergraduate 3rd year student at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. I am the Secretary of the Computer Science Tech Forum at the college and we conduct tutorial sessions, training sessions and hacking events for the student community at the college and cater to close to 200 enthusiastic coders.

(Adamsdsit) #1652

Hello All! So, I’m Josh- I’m an Instructor at Saint Leo University. I’m implementing GitHub as part of Dev, CI/CD for my Software Engineering class. I’m hoping to get some ideas and more efficient ways of running GitHub Classroom.

(Othniel Dona Monote) #1653

Welcome on board @vzrenggamani I wish my students were as passionate about technology as you are. What’s your GitHub handle?

(István Kárász) #1654

Hi I’m a JS developer for more than 9 years, now I’m working for a bootcamp in Hungary and we use GitHub as SCM. I’ve started to use GitHub just 2 years ago, but I really like it and I’m thinking about to move here all my repositories.
I love my job, that’s my hobby as well just like sports, movies and running. I hope I will be part of this community.


(Geovany Gameros) #1655

Hello everyone,

My name is Geovany Gameros and i’m teaching ruby programming in CIMAV in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Github is a powerful tool to share projects with my students and i’m very happy with it.

(Emmanuel M Nimurungi) #1656

Hello there. am a teaching assistant at Delft, I teach, mentor and organize missional focused hackathons in Africa

(Cvitatma) #1657

Hi everyone

My name is Ravi Kiran. I am an Assistant Professor at IIIT-Hyderabad, India. My work is primarily in the area of Computer Vision and applied Machine Learning. I have broad-ranging research interests and like to work on inter-disciplinary problems involving multi-modal multimedia data (e.g. images,videos, text, audio/speech, eye-tracking data) and disciplines (e.g. Humanities, Graphics, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction).

I would like students I am advising to use GitHub to manage their research activities effeciently. I am also exploring the possibility of using GitHub Classroom for the large-enrollment ( >150 students) courses I currently teach at my institution.

More about me and my work at https://ravika.github.io/

(Debra Deppeler) #1658

Hello World!

I teach a third semester programming course in Java and am working on my “Level 3 Git” and “Level 1 GitHub Classroom” proficiencies, so that I can teach my students to be confident “git” version control users.

What are my proficiency levels? Basically, they are my way of tracking my progress with git. They represent when I can use git commands with confidence that it is the right command for what I want to accomplish and without having to ask someone else how to fix whatever I goofed up.

My Git proficiency Levels: (when I can reliably use specific git commands)
Level o: I have GitHub account and I know that my department file server (Ubuntu) has git installed.
Level 1: git commands: clone, init, status, log, add, commit, config user.name and user.email, diff
Level 2: git commands: push, pull, config --global, init --bar, remote show
Level 3: git commands: branch, remote “set”, “archive old branches”
Level 4: not qualified to identify this level’s skills yet

My Git Classroom levels:
Level 0: I know that GitHub Classroom can do things I want, but I don’t know how
Level 1: First GitHub Classroom assignment successfully released, submitted, graded
Level 2: Able to admin my classroom each semester.
Level 3: I’ll let you know when I get to level two

Does anyone else have “proficiency levels” in mind? And, how are you doing on yours?

(Emmanuel M Nimurungi) #1659

Hey Everyone

I’m an adjunct professor at Indigitous Edu- Africa, University of Zambia and Muk. I teach Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, the algorithm, Object-oriented programming, and Mathematics. Besides teaching, i also do research in AI, ML, Data science and Cyber Security.
Have been using GitHub for a while.

(Marijn) #1660

Hi there,
I’m Marijn (Mareign). I’m a IT and a Geography high school teacher in Amsterdam.
I am not satisfied with IT education in Amsterdam so I wrote a masterplan IT education. I am lobbying to get (part of) my plan implemented. You can read it here: www.doit.amsterdam

(Kathy Tamerlano) #1661

Hi All,

I’m Kathy Tamerlano an Associate Professor of Information Technology at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.

We have been using GitHub in some of our IT classes but would like to learn/use a more organized and efficient approach.

Looking forward to learning about everyone’s experiences.

(Nwokocha wisdom maduabuchi) #1662

mine is videos and articles

(Christian Gawron) #1664

My name is Christian Gawron and I just started teaching internet technology at the department for applied computer science at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Iserlohn, German. Before, I worked as a senior IT Architect at IBM Global Services.

I plan to use github both for student assignments and for the development of education material.

(Nwokocha wisdom maduabuchi) #1665

am wisdom nwokocha maduabuchi from nigeria,also an android developer who is looking to learn more and impact it in our students

(John Bowditch) #1666

Hello all:

My name is John Bowditch and I am the Director of the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab at Ohio University.

I am looking forward to joining the GitHub educational community. I have mostly been using SVN the past 15 years, but we are committed to exclusively working with Git and GitHub going forward


(Said Polanco Upv) #1667

Hello teachers.

I’m Said Polanco-Martagón, i teach in the Universidad Poligécnica de Victoria, Victoria City, Tamaulipas, México. My courses are about computer science, Programming and IA.

I’m glad to be here with you, and to learn from you.


(Xota) #1668

Hello form Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I’m Joek van Montfort, teaching computer science at Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam.

CS in The Netherlands is an elective subject taken by just a fraction of the students. Trying to change that by changing focus from business applications towards more expressive software (think p5.js and Sonic-Pi.net and Turtlestitch.org). I’m fond of block based languages Scratch and the Snap family, a lot of which live happy at Github :slight_smile:

(Prateek Kumar) #1669

Hi all,

I am Prateek Kumar and I am TA for a course “Principles of Programming Languages” at IIT Hyderabad. We are planning to use GitHub Classroom for this course to manage student projects.


(Xota) #1670

Are you aware of the Scratch conferences in Africa this year? Checkout http://www.scratchafrica.com
Scratch conferences are very inclusive and cover more than Scratch.
If you have some time left see how Africa presented itself at 2017 Bordeaux conference: https://youtu.be/vuswrLCJNqc?t=637

(Kirankumar Ambati) #1671

Hello Everyone !

Happy to be a part of GitHub Education Community !

Myself, Kirankumar Ambati, from India. I’m working as a Senior Software Engineer. I have huge passion for coding and I started teaching the things I learn to make people learn as well. This platform is definitely going to help me in content wise and also a huge community behind me as a supporting pillar and a motivation to continue teaching people.

Thank you everyone ! Keep up the good work !! :smiley: